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Cats Drop Heartbreaker in Big Apple

NEW YORK - NBA sensation LeBron James offered this tweet immediately after the game: "I'm watching this Kansas St vs. Syracuse Bowl game and the ref just decided the outcome of it! It's a shame."
A salute to Mr. James for seeing what the 38,274 fans at Yankee Stadium viewed first hand after Adrian Hilburn did nothing but offer a right-hand salute to the K-State crowd after scoring on a 30-yard reception from Carson Coffman to close the difference to two, 36-34, with 1:13  left in the game.

Postcard From The Big Apple - Wednesday


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By Mark Janssen

NEW YORK - The "Big Apple" was officially "Wabashed" today as K-State's Marching Band provided the atmosphere in a packed pep rally in downtown (or is it uptown?) Manhattan.
The crowd of a couple thousand had its patience tested as the team was snagged and snarled in NYC traffic as the normal 45-minute trek from Yankee Stadium took 1:20 to get to the rally located a couple blocks from the Sheraton Hotel.

Postcard From The Big Apple - Tuesday


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NEW YORK - Here's my thought for the day: Be careful what you wish for.
With clearing skies and slightly warmer temperatures, those lightly traveled city streets have become anthill-alive with the sound of honkety-honk-honk-honk yellow cabbies that are sending the slush of the streets splattering into the ka-ka-ka-zillion people that are now out and about.
Navigating the streets of NYC has become less of a challenge, but the city crews have nearly covered the cars of those who park in front of their apartments. To the eye today, owners should be able to drive by ... oh, maybe early-May!

Postcard from the Big Apple - Monday


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News Flash!
The sun popped out around 12:15 Monday lifting the spirits of all of 'us' New Yorkers. More so than K-Staters, it helped the mood of air travelers that were affected by nearly 1,500 NY flights in the city's three airports that didn't open until early evening, and then only on a limited basis.
Oh, and it really, really helped the disposition of over 500 travelers on the "A Train" who were trapped over night for eight to nine hours.
One of the neat sites of the morning was cross country skiers semi-zooming their way down 5th Ave., as pedestrians and a few vehicles shared the streets. While somewhat sunny, conditions were still blustery with 20-plus mile per hour winds.

Postcard From The Big Apple


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New York City
- In a word, New York, New York, is colder than cold.
In another word, it's white, and getting whiter.
In yet another word, it's western Kansas windy. OK, that's three words.

PostMark NYC-Bound:

Sunday - A cast of roughly 350 Wildcats is scheduled to bus out of the Vanier Football Complex shortly after 8:00 a.m., this morning headed for Topeka's Forbes Field where a 9:50 a.m., departure is set on a chartered jet for New York's JFK Airport.

At last word, here was the forecast for the Big Apple: Snow Sunday through Monday with significant blowing and drifting. Winds out of the north will be 20-30 mph with gusts over 40.

Live, from New York, it's Kansas State

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