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Unofficial Visit Report

Kansas State University Athletics Department Prospect Unofficial Visit Report

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Complimentary Admissions

Bylaw General Restrictions. During an unofficial visit, the institution may not pay any expenses or provide any entertainment except a maximum of three complimentary admissions (issued only through a pass list) to a home athletics event at any facility within a 30-mile radius of a member institution's main campus in which the institution's intercollegiate team practices or competes. Such complimentary admissions are for the exclusive use of the prospect and those persons accompanying the prospect on the visit and must be issued on an individual-game basis. Such admissions may provide seating only in the general seating area of the facility utilized for conducting the event. Providing seating during the conduct of the event (including intermission) for the prospect or the prospect's parents [or legal guardian(s)] or spouse in the facility's press box, special seating box(es) or bench area is specifically prohibited. Bylaw Reserving Game Tickets. An institution may not reserve tickets (in addition to the permissible complimentary admissions) to be purchased by a prospect (or individuals accompanying the prospect) on an official visit. Tickets may be purchased only in the same manner as any other member of the general public. Bylaw Parking. An institution may not arrange special parking for prospects to utilize while attending a member institution's campus athletics event during an unofficial visit.



If "YES" above: Location of Meal

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If "YES" above: Form of Payment for Meal

Bylaw Meals. A prospect on an unofficial visit to an institution may pay the actual cost of meals (or the regular cost of training-table meals) and eat with other prospects who are on their official visits or with enrolled student-athletes. Bylaw Exception-Sports Other Than Football and Basketball. In sports other than football and basketball, a prospect visiting an institution's campus as part of an admissions event (i.e., open house) may be provided with one meal in the institution's on-campus student dining facility and may have contact with institutional coaching staff members only during such an event without the visit counting as an official visit. The institution must be able to certify that it is the institution's normal policy to provide such a meal to all prospects (including nonathletes) attending the admissions event.



If "YES" above: Location of Housing

Bylaw Housing-Lodging in Dormitories. A prospect on an unofficial visit may stay in an enrolled student-athlete's dormitory room only if the prospect pays the regular institutional rate for such lodging.


Method of Transportation While on Unofficial Visit

Bylaw 13.5.3 Transportation on Unofficial Visit. During any unofficial recruiting visit, the institution may provide the prospective student-athlete with transportation to view practice and competition sites in the prospective student-athlete's sport and other institutional facilities and to attend a home athletics contest at any local facility. An institutional staff member must accompany the prospective student-athlete during a trip.

Other Applicable Legislation

Bylaw Academic Interviews. An athletics department staff member may arrange academic interviews for a prospect on an unofficial visit.

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Note: The Unofficial Visit Report is to be submitted within 48 hours following the completion of the prospect's unofficial visit. Please direct any questions regarding unofficial visits to Kristin Waller at 2-6089.