The Bill Snyder Family Stadium Master Plan represents a historic step towards the future of Kansas State University and K-State Athletics. The Stadium and its associated activities are an integral part of the campus athletic experience as well as a major recruiting tool for all K-State sports and the University in general.


Part of the K-State Pledge

The Master Plan allows us to identify how facilities can positively impact the daily experience of the 450+ student-athletes that represent K-State across 16 different varsity sports.


Reflecting campus architecture

The Master Plan establishes the northwest gateway to the K-State campus for visitors entering Manhattan from the West, and serves as a visible rallying point for the University's visionary "K-State 2025" plan.


No tax or tuition dollars

As proof of K-State Athletics' commitment to providing value to the university, community and state, zero tax or tuition dollars are used to fund any Master Plan projects. They are funded through the philanthropic support of K-Staters all over the world.

Facility Projects

If you are interested in giving to specific capital projects or would like to receive further information, please contact the Ahearn Fund office at 888-232-9074 or via email at

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If you are interested in giving to specific capital projects or would like to receive further information, please contact the Ahearn Fund office at 888-232-9074 or via email at
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Building the Vision

The Vanier Football Complex achieves several key goals for K-State Athletics:

Team Tunnel entrance
Enclosed seating bowl
Enhanced sightlines
Deep row treads
NE/NW gate access
Concessions & restrooms access
New ADA seating

Enhance the Grass Roots Fan Experience

The new north seating bowl will offer improvements to the best fan experience in the Big 12 Conference. This portion of the stadium will not be about premium seating or generating additional revenue -- it will be about providing K-State Families with a lifetime of incredible game day memories.

Academic Learning Center
Tutor and study room areas
Olympic sized Weight Room
Plyometric Area & Sprint Ramp
Fueling Station
Physical therapy area
Hydrotherapy facility

World Class Student-Athlete Experience

The current Vanier Complex has served us well over the past 40 years, but as we have witnessed with new facilities like the West Stadium Center, there is another level we can achieve in our efforts to provide a world-class student-athlete experience for student-athletes in all 16 sports.

Team Meeting Room
140-Seat Team Auditorium
Coaches' Offices overlooking field
Expanded Locker Room
Unique Player Lockers
NFL Alumni Displays
Player Lounge

K-State's Competitive Future

This facility will prove critical in our effort to recruit and retain the very best student-athletes and coaches. The new Vanier Football Complex is proof of K-State's long-term commitment to championship athletic performances, while honoring past, current and continued success.

K-State Limestone exterior
Archways similar to campus
Grand Entrance Atrium
Trophy and multimedia displays
Unique Lounge Stair in lobby
Improved equipment room area
Enclosed seating bowl

Creating a Front Porch for K-State Football

The new Vanier Football Complex will continue the connection to the historic K-State Campus architecture established with the West Stadium Center. The impressive multi-story “Welcome to K-State” grand atrium and entranceway provides a clear front-porch image for K-State Football.

Unveiling the Next Step

Press play to watch the announcement video from the Spring Game

Donor Spotlight

The stories behind those making lead gifts to the Vanier Football Complex

  • We have many, many happy memories of being at Bill Snyder Family Stadium. We want to help provide opportunities for our teams to be in position to win championships on the field and excel in the classroom. The leaders in athletics, the head coach, coaching staff and players have earned this new facility. We believe K-State has made a tremendous difference in our lives and the lives of many others. We want to help make sure the opportunity continues for generations to come. 

  • K-State and Wildcat Football have always been a very important part of our lives, and our family has the utmost respect for Coach Snyder, John Currie and President Schulz and the leadership they provide our university. This important project is the next step in maintaining the level of excellence that Coach Snyder and our football program have built and achieved over the years. We are thrilled that our family has been able to be a part of such a transformation and we're hopeful that others will be inspired to do what they can to help as well. 

    K-State Benefactor John Vanier

Questions and Answers

How much will this phase cost and how will it be funded?

The projected budget for Phase III of the Bill Snyder Family Stadium master plan is approximately $65 Million. We are launching the Vanier Football Challenge Capital Campaign of $50 Million that will fund the majority of this project through leadership philanthropic support. The remaining balance will be funded through a combination of Ahearn Fund and other department revenues.

How will this impact ticket prices or Ahearn Fund donation levels?

This project will be funded primarily by the generosity of philanthropic K-State leaders who believe in the impact it will have on the K-State family for years to come and not by increasing ticket prices or annual donation levels. We do not anticipate any decisions regarding future season ticket prices or Ahearn Fund giving levels to be impacted by the Vanier Football Complex & North Stadium project.

When will construction start and when will it be completed?

Groundbreaking is scheduled for our last home football game (versus Kansas) on November 29, 2014 with substantial completion by August, 2015.

Can we complete the project between football seasons?

Yes, we have been advised that the vast majority of the construction can take place between football seasons to minimize the in-season impact on our coaches, student-athletes and fans. However, it is likely that the northeast corner section and northeast video board will not be completed until the 2016 or 2017 season.