Ahearn Fund Gains Nation-Wide Membership

The 1980 K-State graduate who now lives in Wilmington, Delaware, joined the Ahearn Fund earlier this month after receiving an important call from K-State Alumni Association President Amy Button Renz.
Button Renz heard that the Ahearn Fund had members in every state except Delaware, and she knew just the guy to change that statistic.  
"Amy reached out to me to notify me that Delaware was the only state that did not have a participant in the Ahearn Fund," said Macha. "So I immediately said, 'Well we have to do something about that! We can't say 49 states, how embarrassing! We have to get Delaware in there.' Delaware is known as the first state, but in this case, it was the last state, so we had to fix that."
And fix it was exactly what he did. 
With a phone call from Alex Kringen, K-State Athletics Senior Director of Development, Macha became the first member from the state of Delaware giving a generous gift toward providing K-State student-athletes with a world-class experience. 
"I told him, 'Rich, the next time we're in the Delaware area we are going to buy you lunch!'" laughed Kringen.
Living in Delaware, Macha said he doesn't get back to his college town often, but when he does, it's always a special time. 
"I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for K-State; I have a lot of wonderful memories from my four years there," he said.
Macha is the Executive Vice President of Strategies Accounts at Teleperformance and lives in Delaware with his wife and five children - a set of twins and a set of triplets - who all love K-State as well.
"They all know about K-State. They've all been back multiple times for games, and they all wear K-State gear all the time even living here in Delaware," said Macha about his family. "They follow the school, too. We've gone down to Morgantown, West Virginia, for the football games down there. It's nice having West Virginia in the Big 12 Conference. Since they're on the East Coast, we can drive down rather than having to jump on a plane, and that's really nice."
Along with his most recent support of the Ahearn Fund, Macha is a member of the K-State Alumni Association and represents the purple well on the East Coast. He said he recently had the opportunity to represent K-State at a college fair not far from where he lives and share about his alma mater to 600-plus high school students and their parents. 
"I'm always anxious and willing to do whatever I can to help advance the school, so I was the guy standing behind the K-State table, and I loved every minute of it," Macha explained. "It's my pleasure and honor to help K-State in any way I can."
With Macha's help, the Ahearn Fund is now able to celebrate its newest milestone: claim K-State Athletics truly has nation-wide support and the best fan base in the nation.
"It's a lot of fun because our creative look for next year will emphasize that we truly are K-State's National Fund for Student-Athlete Excellence," said Kringen. "The state of Kansas has always been purple, but now all 50 states are purple too. The passion of K-Staters nationwide is something we take pride in and that our colleagues from other athletic programs envy." 
Over the past four years, the Ahearn Fund has grown from 7,000 donors to 10,000-plus. The recent growth comes from a collaborative effort of donor engagement, season-ticket sales along with the fan experience and communications departments continuing to promote the Ahearn Fund and grow the K-State brand. K-State is fortunate to have great relationships and work with campus partners like Button Renz and new Foundation President and CEO Greg Willems.
"Our staff has done a great job of continuing to implement new member initiatives with a focus on personal engagement," explained Kringen. "We've had tremendous growth in the National Leadership Circle as well as our facility enhancements, but the grass roots support has just been overwhelming. We continue to grow every year at all levels including the Wildcat Club - our $50 level."
The largest single source of revenue for K-State Athletics, the Ahearn Fund has continued to grow throughout the years. With Macha's help providing complete support from members in every state around the nation, it continues its mission to providing K-State student-athletes with world-class experience and supporting K-State President Kirk Schulz's K-State 2025 vision.
"We've done a great job promoting our facility enhancements that directly benefit all of our student-athletes, but none of that would have been possible without the grass-roots support of all Ahearn Fund members; it takes an army, a K-State Army." 
And the newest part of that K-State Army now resides in Delaware.
"I certainly want John Currie, Amy and anybody referring to the Ahearn Fund to be able to say that we truly are a Wildcat Nation, and it's exciting that we now have representation from all 50 states," said Macha.

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