All Business, On and Off the Mound

"The faster, the better," he laughed.
Moore, a senior pitcher for the K-State baseball team, sat in Tointon Family Stadium after practice one afternoon and was ready to talk about cars - one of his favorite subjects. 
Talking with Moore, it doesn't take long to realize he has a strong work ethic, a mind for business, and the drive to make the most of anything he becomes a part of. That being said, it's no surprise that when his father, Fred Moore, invested in AutoHaus of Boulder in Boulder, Colo., five years ago, Jared was quick to find interest in the new business. 
Helping out around AutoHaus, a company specializing in enhancement of European vehicle performance, quickly sparked Jared's passion for automobiles and has had his mind constantly spinning about the growing business. 
"Spending time around there, I got really into it. I got really into all these different types of exotic super cars just because I was around them so much," explained Jared. "The thing that I've got an interest in isn't necessarily the maintenance side of things, but it's the high performance, improving people's cars to the point where they're getting better gas mileage, more horsepower and all of the aftermarket products that go with that."
Fast forward a few years and Moore has put his nearly-completed business and marketing degree at K-State to good use as he has spent his trips home working to expand AutoHaus' business network.
He said his knowledge of European cars has grown vastly over the years and he is always thinking up designs and upgrades for these specialty cars while at K-State. When he's home in Boulder, he spends as much time as he can around the shop soaking in as much new information as he can. 
"He has a natural entrepreneurial outlook on things," began Fred about his son. "He's knows the guys at the detail shop down the street, he knows the exhaust people - he's personally gone around and met all these people. You can see his enthusiasm to build a relationship with all these smaller businesses and he ties that in to AutoHaus. It's kind of neat to watch him do this on his own; it's natural to him. He is really, really bridging it together. I didn't have to push him to do it, and that really makes me feel good."
But that's how Jared is. He's organized; he has every hour and ever day planned. Whether that's studying for classes or training for baseball, he makes sure he gets everything done to the fullest.
"He's learned this great lesson, he's learned to prioritize so well," Fred explained, "and he's lived by that. He doesn't go home and watch TV for three hours a day."
On the mound, Jared has started seven games pitching for the Wildcats, has a 4.15 ERA and a .833 win-loss percentage with his five wins. He's struck out 24 batters so far this season and will lead off pitching in today's game against Kansas at 2 p.m. in Tointon Family Stadium.
"There's not a whole lot of discussion about cars out on the mound with me," laughed K-State head coach Brad Hill, "but he's a sharp kid, he's such a great representative of our program and I know he's going to be very successful no matter what he ends up doing in life."
While, like all student-athletes, Moore is forced to balance the load of his sport and his classes, he does, however, find time to continue his love for cars while at K-State.
Moore has recently found a way to bring his passion to life while living in Manhattan. While there are no foreign car dealerships in the Little Apple, and he joked there are far more pickup trucks than back home in Boulder, a friend and former student-athlete recently came to Moore for help.
Former K-State track and field great and Olympic silver medalist Erik Kynard purchased an Audi Q7 once he finished his Wildcat career and has spent the past few months working with Moore to get his car spiced up to a whole new level.
"I saw him during one of his very first weeks back on campus and I didn't know he'd gotten the Audi," explained Moore, "but he said, 'I know how much you love cars, and I think this would be something that's really cool for you.' He was talking about the appearance - he wanted bigger rims, things like that, so I really started looking into that for him. I'm waiting until after college baseball to do anything with Erik, but I have a huge plan for him on what he wants to do; rims, paining, anything he wanted.
"I did a few days of research for him. He gave me prices, sizes and things like that. It's not the easiest thing to find everything you want, it takes a little time, takes some research, but it's really fun for me."
Kynard, who majored in entrepreneurship at K-State, has been impressed with the work Moore has provided him; so much so that he mentioned to Moore that he should start his own business.
"I asked him about the details of the car and everything of that nature," said Kynard. "We were discussing some things about cars, and he was just avid about it and wanting to work, not necessarily in dealerships, but with a car company. So I said, 'You should start your own company, start on one car and use it as a trial basically.' So he took that idea and ran with it."
After a lot of work looking into designing the perfect upgrades for Kynard's Audi, Moore said he is excited to see what the future holds with it.
"We have looked into different designs and customization, whether that's wheels or body, and he's had some great input," said Kynard. "I think Jared is definitely business savvy. He's very intelligent and I think this will all work out well for him if he goes on to pursue this venture."
Moore is on track to graduate from K-State this May, so after his time in college and after his time playing baseball, he hopes to continue his education further with a Masters of Business Administration in entrepreneurship. He's applied for a summer internship with Audi at its headquarters in Germany, and while he knows it is a competitive program to get in to, the experience he would gain working overseas is exactly what he's looking for.
"It'd be really neat to start working outside of the United States because that's a unique thing that not everybody has the opportunity to do," Moore explained. "It'd be really fun and, ultimately, it'd be a really great opportunity to work for them in Germany."
From the outside looking in as a father, Fred has seen nothing but greatness from Jared's past four years at K-State.
"The fact that he's in the K-State business program has only encouraged and enabled him to get deeper into all this business and entrepreneur stuff," began Fred. "I don't know that if he was somewhere else that he would have had the passion to continue when he came home. I think the business program there, from what I've seen in the courses he's done, it's been excellent, and it's fostered this development within him. Hats off to the Kansas State business program."
With a bright future ahead of him, Jared knows with hard work anything can happen.
"I have that entrepreneur mindset," said Moore, who was still sporting his black K-State practice jersey as he leaned back into his chair. "I always want to do things bigger than what they already are. I like to explore opportunities and look at where things could maybe expand a little bit."

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