BLOG #3: The Cats Experience Vatican City, Play Second Game

Kansas State will get a jump start on its preparations for the 2016-17 men’s basketball season with a 10-day trip to Italy and Switzerland in mid-August during which it will play five games.

The Wildcats will depart on Monday, August 8 and return Friday, August 19 touring the Italian cities of Rome, Siena, Florence, Mestre, Venice, Verona and Lake Como as well as Vatican City before concluding the journey in Montreux, Lausanne and Lake Geneva, Switzerland. In addition to the cultural opportunities the tour will provide, the Wildcats will compete against various club, select and national teams, including LCC International University [August 10], BC Silute [August 11], Italian Select [August 13] the Kosovo National Team [August 16] and BBC Lausanne [August 18].

The NCAA permits teams to make an international trip once every four years and this will be the first by the men’s basketball team since Weber’s inaugural season of 2012 when it played four games in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Overall, this will be the program’s fifth trip outside the country, which includes excursions to Japan in 1981, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden in 1993 and Vancouver, British Columbia in 2004.

One player and a member of the staff each day will blog about their experiences in this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Sophomore Dean Wade
Today we went and saw the Vatican City. It was breathtaking how beautiful all the old sculptures and painting were. We also went to St. Peter’s Basilica which is huge. I was at a loss for words how big and how much detail they put into the building. Exploring the city was nice. I saw a lot of cool paintings and building. I also tried gelato for the first time and it didn't disappoint. We also played our second game over here and it was nice to get a win and finally feel like we have our legs under us and feeling better.

Assistant Coach Chester Frazier
Starting the day going to the Vatican was a great experience for our guys. Still dragging quite a bit from travel but I'm happy the young men got a chance to experience Vatican City and learn more. This being my second trip here, my mind has been more on the basketball side of things and looking forward to playing. After finally getting a full night of sleep, I'm pleased with the effort our guys played with on Wednesday and look forward to more learning on and off the court!! Hope all is well stateside cats fans!! See you guys soon.