Bramlage Coliseum Trivia Quiz

It's hard to believe, but this is the 26th season of hoops in Bramlage. With that in mind, K-State Sports Extra is going to test your Bramlage Coliseum basketball knowledge. 
1)     Name the seven head men's basketball coaches in Bramlage Coliseum history. (10 points each)
2)     Name the only player to be named Big Eight/12 Player of the Year during the Bramlage era. (30 points)
3)     K-State has won three times against No. 1 ranked team in Bramlage. Name them. (10 points each)
4)     Name the seven 1,000-point scorers who have played games in Bramlage history. (10 points each)
5)     Name the 10 jerseys that hang in the Bramlage rafters. (10 points each)
6)     Askia Jones holds the record for most points in a single game.  How many? How many three-pointers? Who was the opponent? (20 points each)
7)     Name K-State's three leading rebounders in Bramlage history. (30 points each)
8)     Name K-State's second leading scorer on the 1994 NIT Final Four team. Askia Jones was first with a 22.1-point average (20 point)
9)     Name the First and Second Team All-Big Eight/12 selections in Bramlage history. There are a total of 10 different names. (10 points each)
10)     Who is the statue of in front of Fred Bramlage Coliseum? (30 points)
A - 600-450
B - 440-300
C - 290-150
D - 140-0
1)     The seven coaches in the Bramlage era have been Lon Kruger, Dana Altman, Tom Asbury, Jim Wooldridge, Bob Huggins, Frank Martin and Bruce Weber.
2)     Michael Beasley was named Big 12 Player of the Year in 2008.
3)     The wins over No. 1 ranked teams have been against Missouri in 1990, Texas in 2010 and Kansas in 2011.
4)     Those who have scored at least 1,000 points are: Jacob Pullen, Steve Henson, Cartier Martin, Jamar Samuels, Denis Clemente, Rodney McGruder and Lance Harris.
5)     The rafters of Bramlage are decorated by the jerseys of Ernie Barrett, Rolando Blackman, Bob Boozer, Mike Evans, Dick Knostman, Lon Kruger, Willie Murrell, Jack Parr, Mitch Richmond, Chuckie Williams.
6)     Askia Jones scored 62 points, which included 14 3-pointers against Fresno State in a Postseason NIT game played in 1994.
7)     Top rebounders include Jamar Samuels, Deryl Cunningham and Shawn Rhodes.
8)     Deryl Cunningham, 11.4.
9)     First Team - Steve Henson, 1989; Michael Beasley, 2008; Rodney McGruder, 2013; Second Team - Elliot Hatcher, 1996; Larry Reid, 2002; Jeremiah Massey, 2005; Cartier Martin, 2006 and 2007; David Hoskins, 2007; Denis Clemente, 2009 and 2010; Rodney McGruder, 2012; Angel Rodriguez, 2013.
10)     No, it's not Fred Bramlage, but it is Ernie Barrett.