Catching Up with Tyler Lockett

Among the most dynamic players in Wildcat history, Lockett broke a total of 17 K-State football records during his career (2011-14). He became the team's first four-time All-American and is one of just three players in K-State history to earn all-conference honors four consecutive years.  
Since his final game in K-State uniform, Lockett has been spent his days training in sunny California. He returned to Manhattan for K-State Pro Day earlier this month and said he plans on staying in his college town through the draft.  
Recently, K-State Sports Extra caught up with Lockett. Here is a look at what he had to say:
Sports Extra: How has life been for Tyler Lockett the past couple months?
Lockett: Oh, it hasn't been bad at all! It's easier than the winter conditioning here at K-State. I've been in California, that's where my agency, Agency First, is located, and I've been training with them. We train at 9:00, have position work at 10:00, lift at 1:00 and then I'm done for the day. I trained and got ready for the Senior Bowl, after that happened I was training for the NFL Combine. Then after that, it was just me emphasizing the routes and getting ready for pro day. So now I've just been working out with teams.
SE: Which teams have you worked out with?
Lockett: I worked out with the Indianapolis Colts and I worked out with the Patriots. I go to Cleveland Browns this week, then I'll work out with the Chiefs and the Bucs. The teams come out here (to Manhattan). They can only work you out if they come to you."
SE: During your time at K-State, everything was team focused. Has it been different changing that focus from the team to now just you?
Lockett: I think it's different, but at the same time, everybody has a goal to make it to the NFL. So now, it's about what you do once you've made it. Some people make it and then their life is complete. So for me, it's just getting myself in that position of knowing I'm going to make it, but focusing on what I'm going to do when I make it. It's about mastering your craft and getting better at it. That's what I've been trying to do, work on things, become a better receiver and, once I get those private workouts, hopefully I'll be prepared to do whatever they want me to do.
SE: How much do you think you have grown since your last game in a Wildcat uniform?
Lockett: I think I've come a long way. I went from playing at outside to just playing at inside, then at the Senior Bowl they put me out there at the outside and the inside, so I got to showcase both. At the combine everybody was like, 'I think he still has inconsistent hands,' but I caught everything clean. They couldn't say anything about that any more. Then at the Pro Day, I caught everything clean so they still couldn't say anything about it. I think I've gotten better each and every week. Each time I go out there I'm able to get better, but I've been able to pace myself where, at the same time, I'm not putting myself in a position to get burnt out. I know when to work and when to take time off.
SE: What do you think sets you apart from other players also looking to make it in the NFL?
Lockett: For me, I never compare myself to other people. Sometimes you do have to see what you have to do to get noticed and stuff like that, but I know, regardless of what I do, people will still have things to say - good things, bad things. So all I do is go out there and prove people wrong. I know what type of receiver I am. I know what I bring to the table. I've heard coaches say the value that I bring, inside, outside, returns, punt returns, not too many people do that. I just kind of showcase everything I have to offer and hope I fall into a great system that knows how to utilize me.
SE: Now that you're out of it looking back, how do you think uniqueness of the K-State football program and Bill Snyder prepared you for success?
Lockett: Snyder prepared us as if we were going to work at a certain job tomorrow. We know how to present ourselves, talk, we know how to carry ourselves not only in work, but outside of work. All that stuff helps us when we get into the real world. So, when we get into positions like this, teams can't really find anything bad about us, all they hear is great things because we've been in a place that he really tried to instill in us all the values that it takes to be successful.  
SE: Draft day is just around the corner. What are your feelings leading up to it?
Lockett: When you think about draft day, April 30, and you think about what today is, you still have a month, but I think it's going to come up a lot faster than I expect. I think that it's going to be amazing hearing your name be called. They pick you out of the thousands of people that they can select. So it's going to be fun sitting here with my family and watching, figuring out which team I'm going to go to. Hopefully it will be a great team with a great system. 
K-State's Tyler Lockett catches a pass against Baylor at McLane Stadium in Waco, Texas on December 6, 2014. (Scott D. Weaver/K-State Athletics)

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