ESPNU College Road Trip Visits K-State

Joined by the show's video crew and producer, the two spent last Wednesday and Thursday afternoon hanging out in Manhattan, Kansas, and capturing K-State's game day traditions to share with the nation.
A 30-minute show, ESPNU College Road Trip gives fans the opportunity to get in the center of the action and experience the atmosphere of college football in college towns nation-wide. From tailgates to on-field action, Tirado and Eichenblatt provide fans a first-hand look at more than just the game.
"The cool thing about our job is that we get to travel around and, especially if we haven't been to the place before, we get to take part in an unexpected, thrilling adventure," explained Tirado about the show. "I think that makes it good for the show because we get to share the genuineness of a place."
The hosts kick-started their visit in the Little Apple last Wednesday evening by linking up with the Pride of Wildcat Land. Celebrating a long-time K-State tradition, Tirado and Eichenblatt followed the marching band as it hopped from restaurant to restaurant throughout Aggieville the night before the Wildcats took on Auburn. The College Road Trip camera crew captured the excitement of fans along with the unique energy of the proud college town.
The following day, College Road Trip headed to the parking lots of Bill Snyder Family Stadium where they joined the purple masses in celebrating K-State football. 
"I thought Kansas State was going to be less, but there is so much more here," said Eichenblatt. "I didn't really expect what we experienced today. I grew up in SEC country, and I didn't really see many Kansas State games growing up, but it was a really, really good experience. The tailgate scene was really cool. Overall, it's been a great day."
At the tailgates, Tirado and Eichenblatt taste-tested food, learned the "K-S-U" chant and got to know the K-State faithful. The duo signed their names inside a purple bus, played a little football and interviewed fans about K-State.
"They had some creative things out there," said Eichenblatt with a laugh after spending the previous few hours in the parking lots of the stadium. "The creativity of how they build their vehicles was crazy. This guy, he had a double-decker bus and there were all these different conversions to cars - I saw a Maserati with a tailgate behind it. It's just insane."
After the tailgates, the two spent time on the field during the game and got up close and personal with the K-State student section.  
"Even though Kansas State didn't get the win, THAT WAS ONE OF THE BEST STUDENT SECTIONS!! They let me crowd-surf," Eichenblatt posted to his Twitter account after the game.
K-State's segment on College Road Trip will air on Wednesday, September 24 at 5 p.m. CT on ESPNU. The show will also air that Wednesday evening at 10:30 p.m. and Thursday, September 25 at 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
"It was definitely a lot better than I thought it would be, I didn't know what to expect to be honest," Tirado said, "but the hospitality was great. From the moment we walked into our room, everybody has been so genuine, nice and helpful. Being a part of the game day experience here, it's been a lot more intense than I thought it was going to be. You never know coming in what it's going to be like, but overall, it was great here."
ESPNU RoadTrip host Jordan Eichenblatt gets mustard on his face while shooting video of K-State tailgaters before the football game against Auburn at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas on September 18, 2014. (Scott D. Weaver/K-State Athletics)
ESPNU RoadTrip hosts Rayven Tirado and Jordan Eichenblatt leave a sticker on a fan's bus while shooting video of K-State tailgaters before the football game against Auburn at Bill Snyder Family Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas on September 18, 2014. (Scott D. Weaver/K-State Athletics)