Favorite Christmas Gift Given

"I took a regular old sock and drew some Christmas trees on it and put stickers on it. Then I stapled a regular shoelace to it so it could be hung. I was 8 or so, but my brother, who is now 26, still hangs it up." - Kelsey Hill, women's basketball

"I cooked dinner for my family." - Jason Schulte, men's golf

"This sounds bad, but I gave my mom a big poster of me playing for K-State. She now has a big room of K-State memorabilia." - Jalana Childs, women's basketball

"I gave a coaching colleague a Chia Pet. She didn't find the humor." - Jill Shields, associate AD

"I gave one of those Fisher Price basketball goals to my niece when she started walking. Some of my favorite memories were watching her play with that." - Shalee Lehning, women's basketball assistant coach

"Giving fish to my little brother and sister." - Taelor Karr, women's basketball

"A hand-painted picture of a scene at my mom's family farm in southwest Kansas from my brothers and myself." - Larid Veatch, associate AD

"Me! To my mom for Christmas break." -- Amanda Weishaar, rowing

"I feel like making something with my hands shows that it is from my heart. So, one year when I was probably a third or fourth grader, I decided to make my mom some kitchen towels. I had just learned how to crochet, and I wanted to crochet the tops of the towels with a button hook so they could hang from the cabinets. As a 9- or 10-year-old it's hard to keep something like that a secret so each time we drove to my brother's and sisters' ball games, I sat behind her in the car so she couldn't see me and crocheted the whole way there and back. It sounds a little nerdy, but my mom absolutely loved them and was super surprised that I had been secretly working on them and she never knew." - JuliAnne Chishom, volleyball and basketball player

"A homemade picture frame." - Ali Pistora, women's track

"I gave my mom a small Christmas tree to hang tiny ornaments that my mom used to give me since I was a baby. The ornaments used to be in boxes so no one could see them, but now they're on display all year." - Gianna Misenhelter, women's golf "I made a photo book off Blurb last year of Janssen family memories. It was cooler than cool, if I do say so myself." -- Mark Janssen, K-State Sports Extra

To All, a Very Merry Christmas!