Favorite Christmas Gift Received

"A G.I. Joe F-14 plane because it looked like the one from the movie 'Top Gun.' I made my dad put all the stickers that came with the plane on it that night. There were a lot of stickers." - Randy Peterson, assistant sports information director

"Golf trip to California with my family." - Jason Schulte, men's golf

"I think I was in second grade when I received a Barbie supermarket. The best part was taking all the stickers off the sheet and putting them on the canned foods." -- Paige Osterloo, women's golf

"Bowl games." - Chuck Hall, football equipment manager

"Bicycle." - Ali Pistora, women's track

"My gymnastics mat. I loved gymnastics, but I went from being the tallest gymnast to the shortest basketball player." - Kelsey Hill, women's basketball

"I got a Nintendo 64 when it first came out. My mother asked if receiving the gift was the only reason I loved her and I accidently said, 'Yes.' The sports games were awesome." - Jalana Childs, women's basketball

"When I was a kid my family would drive around town to look at Christmas lights. One year we returned and Santa had brought a bunch of gadgets for me like a yoyo, nerf gun and Gameboy game. To this day it's one of my favorite memories I have of Christmas gifts I've received." - Shalee Lehning, women's basketball assistant coach

"A regulation sized balance beam. I put it in my back yard and practiced on it even in the snow." - Stacy Martin, assistant AD/business operations

"My dad gave me a surprise trip to Dallas to play golf in warm weather. On this one particular Christmas, he told me that he didn't have any vacation days left, so we wouldn't be going. I was devastated because I love to spend time with my dad. When I opened the small package that said we were really going, I had the biggest smile on my face. This year we're going to Arizona, even better than Dallas." - Gianna Misenhelter, women's golf

"I get it every year. My mom makes a birthday cake for Jesus - peppermint ice cream and chocolate. It's fantastic." - Laird Veatch, associate AD

"Getting an iPod." - Taelor Karr, women's basketball

"When I was four years old, my grandma and I were shopping and I thought I had to have a life-size doll. I begged and begged, but she said I couldn't have it. To my surprise, it's what I opened on Christmas Eve at her house. That doll was so special because she passed away that next April. To this day it reminds me of her." - JuliAnne Chisholm, volleyball, basketball player

"To actually open, back in the olden days it had to be baseball cards, and in the more recent days a golf cart. But in reality, it's a chance to be with Trav and Christy, and Kell and Pres, plus grandkids Avery, Tate, Lincoln, Campbell, and one to be named at a later date, at least every other year." - Mark Janssen, K-State Sports Extra

To All, a Very Merry Christmas!