Finney Prepares for NFL Combine | Part I

Beginning today and running through Monday, the combine takes place in Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium where the 300-plus invited players have the opportunity to impress NFL teams through on-the-field drills, health tests and numerous board interviews. 
Finney, a 52-game starter for K-State over the last four seasons, has spent the past month preparing for the combine. 
"I got my invite at the beginning of the month," explained Finney about receiving the combine's official email invitation. "At that point in time I didn't think I was going to get invited. I had a couple of talks with my agent about it, so we were kind of just taking it as a blessing in disguise. We weren't sure, but when the invitation did come around, it was exciting. My agent was happy for me, he said, 'This is a good thing. You can get in front of the teams and really show who you are.'"
A native of Andale, Kansas, Finney was a four-time All-Big 12 selection - one of just three players in K-State history to earn four-straight conference honors - and also picked up All-American designations in 2014. A three-year captain, Finney displayed leadership time and time again for the Wildcats and embraced the intrinsic values taught by head coach Bill Snyder. 
"Being a part of Coach Snyder's program and knowing the line calls and calling those fronts, the mental aspect, I think that has helped me in preparing for the combine," he explained. "I know (the K-State football) program probably does a better job than most from that aspect."
While being a member of one of the nation's most disciplined football teams has prepared him for the challenges that will come with the next level, Finney still has nerves as he heads into this week in the spotlight. 
"I'm nervous, I'm excited and I'm anxious because I want to put on a good show," Finney said about his emotions. "It is, essentially, a meat market and it's just showing them what kind of quality of beef you are."
Working hard so he can put on a good show, here is a look into Finney's preparation since accepting the invitation to take part in the NFL Combine:
Former NFL coach Bob Palcic embraces K-State's B.J. Finney after their workouts at Simoneau Sports Performance in Overland Park, Kansas during preparations for the NFL Combine.
Finney spent two days learning about and training for the combine with former Wildcat Mark Simoneau and his father-in-law, long-time NFL and collegiate coach, Bob Palcic, at Simoneau Sports Performance in Overland Park, Kansas. 
"It was all meeting with them, going through the drills, running through them time after time and getting on the board to learn about the meetings that I'll do at the combine," explained Finney.
Former NFL coach Bob Palcic quizzes K-State's B.J. Finney about blocking schemes at Simoneau Sports Performance in Overland Park, Kansas during preparations for the NFL Combine.
"I figured we'd be doing drills and the board, but I didn't know what drills," Finney said. "I kind of just kept an open mind, so I wasn't really caught off guard with anything."
Former NFL coach Bob Palcic, Missouri S&T's Forrestal Hickman, K-State's B.J. Finney, and former K-State and NFL standout Mark Simoneau watch film of Finney's blocking drills at Simoneau Sports Performance in Overland Park, Kansas during preparations for the NFL Combine.
"There was a lot of beneficial things," added Finney. "We did drills that I didn't even know we were going to do, so having a heads up on them is important, and then getting on the interview board process, drawing things out, that put my mind at ease."
K-State's B.J. Finney waits for the command to leap to his feet during a wave drill at Simoneau Sports Performance in Overland Park, Kansas on while preparing for the NFL Combine.
Different than how he spent majority of his Wildcat career, Finney has spent the past month training on his own and in one-on-one sessions to perfect his game before heading to the combine. 
"The training is more specific. It's orientated towards the player and not necessarily towards the team," he said. "So it's more focused on your position. It is a different aspect; its quiet, but the goal still remains the same. I still have to put in the work - that aspect of putting in the work doesn't change with or without the team. It doesn't change my work ethic. It doesn't change how I prepare."
K-State's B.J. Finney runs blocking drills with former NFL coach Bob Palcic and Missouri S&T's Forrestal Hickman at Simoneau Sports Performance in Overland Park, Kansas while preparing for the NFL Combine.
So, what does his training schedule look like? 
"Monday is our leg day and our conditioning day, then Tuesday we do hang cleans and we work on specific drills," Finney explained. "Wednesday, it's our position work, then Thursday we come back to drills. Friday we go back to lifts and Saturday we manipulate the 40."
Keep an eye out for Thursday's K-State Sports Extra with more from inside Finney's training. 

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