Freshman Friday - Keegan Donahue

When it comes to choosing what college to go to, students often have a tough decision to make. Keegan Donahue, Kansas State track and field freshman from Overland Park, Kansas, didn’t have much dilemma. He made his decision in order to be closer to family and his brother, Colton Donahue, who is also a member of the team. Colton has had a big influence on Keegan and was his inspiration to start doing track and field. Keegan supported his brother at a couple of track meets but now he is ready to compete on a collegiate level as well.

How does it feel to share your college experience with your brother?
It really helps that Colton goes here and that we are on the team together. My brother has always been my inspiration. I’ve always looked up to him. Him and I have a really good bond and we are best friends. It is great that I can run and train with him. I also enjoy Joe Gorthy, who is in the team too, because he went to high school with me.  
When did you start doing track and field?
I think when I was in middle school. My brother was a really good runner, while I did it just to have fun. I wanted to see if I can be good like him. When my freshman year of high school came, my brother won the state meet in cross country and I decided I was going to run too. I wasn’t very good in middle school. I was getting beaten by a lot of people, but then I made Varsity for the mile so I decided to keep going at it and got better and better.

What are the impressions after your first race as a Wildcat, at the Augustana Twilight in South Dakota?
It was good. I beat a couple guys and I was really happy with it. It was really excited. I ran a decent time. I also ran better than I expected I would run. Training over the summer with Joe and Colton really helped me with that. 

How was the transition from high school to the collegiate level of competing?
It is really different because we went from high school where we were the top runners. Now, there is a lot of competition which is great because now I don’t have a lot of expectations or have to prove anything to anybody at this point.  I really enjoy cross country running. It is a lot of fun. In high school, I never did the right amount of distance for cross country. Now that I have distance under me I really enjoy it. It is a better feeling knowing that I am well prepared to run those distances now while in high school I was relying on my speed and mental toughness. 
I’m just a freshman so I just want to compete the best I can, have fun and run fast.

What were the favorite track meets that you went to support your brother?
My dad and I would always go to the indoor meet in Arkansas. We also went to watch the Big 12 Championship Colton’s sophomore year. I thought it was cool going to the collegiate meet and see how fast the guys can run. At the Arkansas meet it would always be the No.1 indoor runner in the NCAA and other good athletes so was really cool watching that, but I wanted to compete on that level also.

Do you have any hobbies?
When I was in high school, I was in a band and I played trumpet. I also like astronomy a lot so I look at all astronomical discoveries that are coming up and just the major breakthrough in astronomy. I think it’s really good.

What are your goals that you would like to accomplish?
Since I am starting as a walk-on, I really want to prove myself and to the coach what I can do. At the national level I have to start focusing on looking up to the competition and realize what I have to run and realize that I can do what they can do. I just have to put the work in.