Kansas State Player Quotes

Redshirt Freshman Jamar Samuels


On the game overall:

“We had a lot of turnovers. We weren’t guarding the ball and we had a lot of fouls. We needed to guard.”


On ways the team can improve:

“We need to go to the glass more and start getting better shots. We didn’t have a lot of good shots today. We need to start being more aggressive.”


On Kansas’ 18-0 run to start the game:

“There are like 17,000 fans here. We weren’t focused. We need to be focused and have our mind ready for the game. We weren’t ready in the first five minutes.”


Junior Luis Colon


On Kansas State’s slow start:

“We were ready to play. In the beginning we gave up a few easy shots. When we tried to get back into the game it was too late.”


On playing at Allen Fieldhouse:

“We knew a rivalry game like this would be tough to play here.”


On fouling out early in the second half:

“It’s my fourth game in a row that I fouled out quickly. I need to work on my defense and not foul so much.”


Sophomore Jacob Pullen


On the game overall:

“Things didn’t go our way. We need to have a better start to the game. We fought our way back into it. We didn’t guard as well as we should have. We fouled a lot and put them on the line for a lot of free throws. Every time we crawled back into it we fouled or didn’t get a stop.”


On the team’s struggles:

“We go out there and miss shot, wide open shots, and we don’t get back on defense. It has nothing to do with (Coach) Frank (Martin), but it has everything to do with the 12 people in that locker room.”


On Kansas Sate’s slow start:

“Sometimes it can be some of us not being experienced and coming out and panicking. It’s a hostile atmosphere when you walk into Allen Fieldhouse. Like I said before the game, it’s unexplainable. As a team we didn’t have any resistance in the first four minutes of the game. They got whatever they wanted.”