Kansas State Quotes


Opening Statement...
"I’m so proud of our kids. I couldn’t be prouder. The way that they’ve stayed the course and continued believing in each other. Our staff, they’re the ones that come in and put in the time every single day to make sure the kids that we recruit continue believing in ourselves. This league, the first time you go through it, just beats you up. That’s kind of what happened to us out of the gate. We’ve played hard all year. Oklahoma knocked us upside our head, and then going to Kansas kind of rattled our kids. I’m so proud of them for just continuing to fight and fight and compete with each other in practice and continuing to grow up in games. God, is Texas good. In my nine years in college basketball, I don’t think I’ve ever coached against a team that’s more physical than Texas. In the second half, they just threw us around."

On his team’s first half performance...
"I was happy the way we played the first half. That’s probably as well as we’ve played all year, those first 20 minutes of the game on both ends of the floor, consistently. I thought offensively we got the shots we were trying to get in the first half, we just didn’t make them. They stayed the course and continued to rebound and defend, and that gave us a chance.

On Denis Clemente...
"Denis is a heck of a player. He’s been making the adjustment after transferring and sitting out last year. That’s not easy. I’m so proud of him. He’s taken this team, like he should because he’s our most experienced player, by the horns here and just led us, especially after the tough times. His personality has taken over our team."


On his 44-point performance:
"I was feeling good today. Everything dropped tonight, so I kept shooting. I felt good during shootaround. I knew I needed to score for us to win. It felt like I was shooting into an ocean."

On what he used to get open:
"I used my speed. I play fast. I’m faster than everybody, that’s how I feel."


On Clemente’s performance:
"I always knew he could get it going like that. I go against him in practice every day. Once he gets it going, it’s hard to stop him. He’s a good player."

On his 3-pointer in overtime:
"It was crunch time. You’ve got to step up and make plays. I didn’t’ know there were six seconds on the clock. I said, I’ve got to make a play’, and that’s what happened."