Kansas State Quotes

Kansas State Head Coach Frank Martin

On coming off the Kansas loss with a win
"You need to trust your team. The Nebraska game was not going to be moved whether or not we won the Kansas game. Our guys came in the last two games and they were tremendous. They were focused and excited about playing another game. We said the best thing about playing in a season when you're a good team and you don't win a game, is that you're excited about going on the floor and playing again."

On Denis Clemente
"I thought he started off well. The other guys were the ones driving around. He's doing what I ask him to do which is attack. I pressure the heck out of Denis to attack every single time we can. That's what I like. I don't like walking it up and making 957 passes to get a shot. If guys are going to run with him then they better go see the ball. I know it was frustrating those first two minutes of the second half, but we they came into the huddle and they policed themselves. They went out and responded great and Denis responded tremendous by making those shots."

On what he told them during the first timeout after Nebraska cut the lead to seven
"I let them know I was upset. We spoke at halftime about how Nebraska is going to come out and come after you. I thought we had major defensive lapses the first three minutes of the second half. We can't do that, bottom line. You're on the road up 14, you can't come out and let the other team on a 7-0 run."

On the importance of taking an early lead on Nebraska
"We spoke about that the last few days. Our problem when we've come here the last couple years is that we've been down (early). If you get down against Doc's team it's hard to come back. It's not an easy task. We spoke about trying to start the game the right way. We said we don't want to get ourselves in that hole because when you're behind against Nebraska it's very difficult to come back in the game. They don't turn it over and it's a shorter possession game."