Nebraska Quotes

Nebraska Coach Doc Sadler

Opening Statement
"The first half, as I told the team, I think we missed some awfully easy baskets and that's what a lot of people are going to look at. On the bench, I think we had it charted as seven layups that were missed. The defensive end was horrendous and it was a selfish, selfish basketball team on the defensive end tonight. It's the first time that's happened. We have to understand that we have to play as a team. I'm not talking about on the offensive end, I'm talking about the defensive end. We're sitting there giving up 42 points in a half and we can't win those games, especially against a team that's in the top 10. A good basketball team, they came in and I don't know an area where they weren't the best basketball team. Plus, they were by far the best coached basketball team tonight. They were much better coached than we were and when you get guys that don't play well and you don't coach well, then you get beat at home. We were in the ball game in the second half. We cut it to seven and then I made some mistakes again and just didn't keep it going. We have to do that."

On what Coach Sadler means by Nebraska being selfish on defense
"I mean we were more interested in making a play individually. Obviously you want to pressure, but you want to make (Jacob) Pullen and (Denis) Clemente drivers and everyone else. You really want to pressure them and be in a position to make them shooters, and we were out there trying to guard them and pressure them. One of the things they can do well is drive to the basket. We didn't take charges on anybody. As many baskets as they got inside the lane, I'm not for sure we took a charge. You're not beating a team like that unless you're willing to give up your body and we didn't guard the ball screens correctly. We did sometimes, but sometimes we didn't. You're not beating a good basketball team, especially a basketball team that some people are saying could be in the elite 18, making mistakes and we made them from the get-go."

On if Coach Sadler put any players on the court that were intimidated of K-State
"I would hope that I didn't put any players on the floor that were intimidated individually. I would hope that's not the case. I mentioned the strength to our coaching staff after the game. We have to do something to have guys look like that. We've committed to four days a week in the weight room and we're not even close to guys like that. Maybe it's because we're young. I don't know."

On what happened to Nebraska 12-7 run in the second half
"It turned when we got a couple of bad shots and then we got some stops and they got the offensive rebound and we made two mental mistakes and gave them 3s and then they got back up to 15 real quick. On simple, simple baseline screens, we weren't on the hip and chasing hard on shooters and they made baskets. The fact of the matter is, if you get in a scoring contest with teams that are as good as to be considered a top-20 team, and you go out there to try to outscore those kind of teams, you're not winning. Lucky that it was only 20 or whatever it was."

On Nebraska's errors
"I've not seen that basketball team. This basketball team that I just spoke to (after the game), I didn't recognize it because that's not us. We have been a tremendous team defensively, but they made us make mistakes that are as basic as it gets. We're jumping out on baseline screens and giving up dunks. I've never seen that. Maybe we were trying too hard, maybe that's what it was. If that's the case, I can live with that. You can clean up some mistakes, but you're not going to win any games until you do. If it's because they want it so bad, and I hope that's the case, then I can live with that, but we didn't compete like we normally do."

Redshirt Freshman Jorge Brian Diaz

On if Kansas State was much stronger than Nebraska
"I don't know about stronger, but they played harder. They were playing very hard the whole game."

On what went wrong
"I think the defensive effort and sometimes on defense we just weren't in the right place. It was kind of bad today."

On if the team tried too hard
"I think we tried hard. We were playing hard. We wanted this win, especially since we were at home in front of our people."

On the margin of defeat
"A loss is a loss. It doesn't matter. You always want to win and when you lose, you always get mad about it."

On where to go from here
"Just go hard in practice again on Thursday and Friday and try to get things corrected."

On if the team is still confident
"I believe so. I hope so. I believe we still can win. I hope that's the mentality. I know the team believes we can win. We've just got to get this loss out of our heads and go hard in practice Thursday and Friday and just keep looking forward."