Head Coach Bill Snyder Quotes

Head Coach Bill Snyder

Opening Statement...

“I will just give you a brief overview of what I think in general about this class. I think it is a little reminiscent, not completely there are some differences, of 1989, the first class that we had. Not necessarily in terms in the makeup of the class, but how we arrived with the class and the timeframe that was involved with it and just the concept of a beginning. I am sure I said this 20 years ago, but I have absolutely no idea the degree of capabilities of this recruiting class, and we probably won’t know for a year or two. You take community college guys, which we have four or five of (in this class), they are going to have to contribute very quickly, so you are going to have a pretty good idea in a year’s period of time. (With) high school youngsters it is probably going to take a little bit longer, so it may be a year to two before we really understand the quality of the young people in this class.


I think these are young guys who I have been impressed with in regards to the intrinsic things that we always talk about. That is important to me, as you well know, or can remember. I think it’s a group that’s not afraid of hard work. I think it is a group that understands that we have tremendous expectations of what they do, how they perform and how they present themselves here. I think it is a group of young guys that have indicated to me, collectively and individually, that they want to be the best students that they can possibly be, whatever that level happens to be.


I look at the class collectively, and relating it to 20 years ago, we didn’t have a year’s period of time, or a year-and-a-half period of time, in order to get to know these young people. There is always going to be some uncertainties, but as I view the group and look back 20 years ago I think of the ring of honor (inductees), and I see a guy up there by the name of Jamie Mendez, who was an All-American for us and a Consensus All-American, or else his name wouldn’t be in the ring of honor. Jamie Mendez was in that first recruiting class if I recall correctly. Jamie was not a recruited young guy. I think he had an offer from somewhere in the Mid-America Conference, and we were the only major Division 1 school, I don’t know how major we were at the time, that offered him a scholarship and the rest was history. I think in that same class you would have found Quentin Neujahr. Quentin came to us from York, Neb., if I remember correctly, and had one offer other than ours, and that offer was to walk on at Nebraska, his home (school). He chose to accept a scholarship here and became a four-year starter and a six to eight-year NFL player. The point that I’m trying to make is that I didn’t know the makeup of that class at the time when we recruited those young guys. I like the young people that we recruited, I probably said the same thing about them. I thought they were good young people, I thought they had a genuine interest in their education and that is kind of the same way I feel about this class. I don’t know the true makeup of it in all honestly. It would be easy to say, yes we think it is a great class,’ but I don’t know, but I like what I see in reference to the character and quality of each of these young guys.”