Kansas State Signing Day Quotes

Head Coach Ron Prince
Opening statement...
“When we first came to K-State, one of the things we realized we wanted to do was we wanted to have a fast team. We felt like going back and looking at the teams that had been successful here, being a fast team was one of the things they had in common. We wanted to have a run and hit team, particularly from a defensive and special teams standpoint. A lot of the things that we’ve done from a recruiting standpoint, evaluation standpoint, strategy, tactics to get the player have all been so we can have a fast, strong, tough, disciplined team.

“I’m really proud of our coaching staff, I’m really pleased with all our people from an operational standpoint who put a lot of work into this. I think this is the best recruiting class that we’ve had since we’ve been here, as far as the kind of needs it addressed, yet we were able to stay on task with what we felt from a long term standpoint that we needed to do with our third class. You can’t answer all your problems or gain all the advantages that you want to gain all at once. From the composition of the class the number of community college players, the number of players on offense and defense is about what we projected that we would need in year three, looking at the roster, age of the players, the experience of the players. Last year we knew going into the year it could be one of our more challenging years because of the number of third, fourth and fifth year players that were going to play throughout the conference. When we first took the job we took a look at all 12 teams and looked at their last six years of signing classes and what their depth chart looked like. Football is a little bit of a different game because you’re dealing with such a volume of people and it takes a long time to train players and get them ready to get in games. We had a sense that this could be a challenging year for us but we were really building towards the idea that we could put together a pretty good team if we could have a consistent effort recruiting and I think that we’ve done that so far.

“I’m real pleased with everyone’s effort to get these players on board. Our coaches basically left directly from the Fresno State game, went directly on the road recruiting, and with the exception on being back for recruiting weekends or dead periods, the coaches were out every day. I think the work paid off. Particularly, Tim Tibesar and Dave Brock did a terrific job in their own right farming their own ground on either side of the ball. Many of our other coaches, Matt Wallerstedt and others did a really good job of being able to cover a lot of ground and I’m really pleased with the effort. Jay Kaiser in our operations and Sean Snyder and everybody were absolutely terrific and it took a group effort.

“With that, I’m sure there are a lot of questions about the number of players and how this all works. A number of these players have different circumstances. All we’ll do is comment on those players which we have signed, which is all we’re able to do. All these players have different circumstances, as in years past, and some of them will go to a community college if they don’t qualify. (With) some of those players we have anticipated that and so we want to have that relationship with them, let them know they have a home. Some of these players, because of development or other things, may delay their enrollment. Basically, everybody that we’re looking at here will be a Wildcat at some point, whether it’s this fall or in the future. There’s a lot of good players here.

“We want to be able to play good defense that’s where you have to start. Our efforts on the defensive line were significant. Coach (Mo) Latimore did a great job of building his pool of players throughout the country. I thought Frank Leonard did a terrific job like Matt Wallerstedt did of staying involved with a lot of very good players all the way until the very end. We were able to have a very good pool of players to pick from, a good pool of players who might want to pick us and because of that we were able to address many of our needs for now and the future on the defensive line.

“We’ve made ourselves attractive to many players at the wide receiver position and offensive skill positions. (We have) a lot of players that you will see that are listed as an athlete, or a running back, or a wide receiver. That’s, as you can imagine with some of the success that we’ve had here recently, but really much of it is about a trend thing and players see that there has been a great history here of running backs and wide receivers and so they want to capitalize on being in that kind of program. I thought our coaches, Dave Brock in particular, did a great job with the wide receivers, Ricky Rahne with the running backs staying in position where many good players would want to select us and that was very, very helpful.

“From a linebackers standpoint, we’re about as excited (as we can get). The defensive linemen are hard to get, everybody wants them. There are only so many people walking on the planet that are that big, that can play. Really the linebacker thing, we were able to find ourselves in competition for some terrific outside linebackers that we didn’t think going into this season that we were going to have the chance to yield. That was exciting for us.”

“One of the things that makes this class a little bit unique was the number of mid-year players. We thought we had done a really terrific job and thought we might be on the cutting edge on bringing in the number of mid-year players that we did until we looked around our conference. Our conference led the nation in mid-year signees. I think this is something a lot of teams are doing a good job of. We want to continue to do a good job in that area. Alesana (Alesana) and Gary Chandler both benefited from being here a year ago, with Gary being the Big 12 newcomer of the year and Alesana being able to start all those games. We’re looking for each of the players that was able to come here mid-year to be able to take advantage of his time.”