Texas A&M Quotes

A&M Coach Mark Turgeon                                                                                                                         
"I thought K-State played really well. They made big shots at the end. Pullen's three obviously was big, right after we'd cut it to one. I felt they were in control the whole game. I felt we were walking uphill the whole game, but give K-State credit. They were tougher than we were, and they made plays to win the game."

On Pullen's 3-pointer
"Their kid hit the shot. I wouldn't change what we did defensively in that possession. That kid hit a tough shot. They did a good job executing their offense. We told them exactly what would happen on that play. We took a chance on the switch, Bryan (Davis) was right there and the kid knocked it down. Then we came down, had a wide-open look at the other end, and didn't make the shot. We need to make plays at the end of a game. It's been a tough week. I think the break is coming at a good time for us."

On the team's mental state
"We'll be fine. We don't play till Saturday. We're down, though. This hurts. We felt we let one get away Wednesday (at Oklahoma) that we had, and today we didn't play well. But give K-State a lot of credit, because they had a lot to do with the way we played. They really guard you and they're tough physically. It was a big game. You want to take care of your home court. This one hurts. This will take a while. But we'll be fine, and we're going to get better this week.

"I think we're a good home team, it just maybe wasn't meant to be today. We've got a lot of work to do. We've got a tough road ahead of us, but there's a lot of basketball ahead of us. We told the team in the locker room that our first NCAA tourney team was 3-6 and won seven straight (in Big 12 play), so we have to believe that we can do it too. We'll see. We'll get better this week. Obviously we have to become a better road team than we've been. I believe in our guys. We kind of played in a panic today, because we were always behind. But I believe in our team. I thought we were playing really well going into this game, we just didn't play well today."

On K-State being tougher today
"Well, it's things like when you are double-teamed and dribble off your knees, or we have the ball and they strip it out of our hands. I think there were a lot of plays like that in the game. We played a little more tough the second half, especially the start of the second half. Toughness is being able to get into your offense and make a pass against pressure, handle (things like) that. I thought we dictated better offensively in the second half, I just thought they were a little bit tougher than we were in the game. and they were tough enough to step up and make big shots."

On the pace of the game
"Well, Bryan Davis being in foul trouble hurt us. I thought Chin (Elonu) got tired at times. Our defense let down in the second half during that stretch. We were scoring, but we stopped guarding. That was the tough part. We wanted to keep running as much as we could and we couldn't do it. Our execution in the half-court was pretty good in the second half. We got fouled some, and we've got to do a better job of making open ones and knocking down free throws."

A&M Junior Chinemelu Elonu                                                                                                                
"It's pretty frustrating. We have won a lot of our games at home, and to drop this one hurts pretty bad. I guess tomorrow is a new day for us and we have to pick it back up. They beat us on the offensive glass. They got many second-chance rebounds and points. They played tougher than we played and we have to fix that next practice."

On moving forward
"Honestly, we have to play a lot tougher. These guys played a lot tougher than we did. Every time we play someone, we have to give it our all. Sometimes we don't, and that's including myself. We've just got to know that the Big 12 is a tough conference and you can't just not come to certain games and expect to win. You have to bring it all the time. From now on, we have to bring it every game and every practice."

A&M Junior Bryan Davis                                                                                                                                           
"It was frustrating, not only for me to be in foul trouble, but to see my team play the way they played. I'm not putting the blame on them though, that includes myself. We just got out-toughed today. There's a lot of things you wouldn't even see, but to go back and look at it, they were tougher than us. Off ball screens, we didn't do a good job getting our guards open. They hit us in the mouth and we didn't respond well."

On K-State's three-pointers late
"Definitely those were just good shots. Their guys stepped up and made shots today. Our plan was to switch to ball screens late in that play, and it came down to four seconds left on the clock, and he (Jacob Pullen) pulled up and hit a nice shot. (Fred) Brown hit another one in the corner, which was another great shot. We had a hand there and everything, and they just made a good shot on us."

On the pace of the game
"When we run a lot more, we have a better chance of getting easy buckets. Easy buckets can help out our offense. Whenever we do run with the ball, we put pressure on the defense and it's a lot harder to get into a set defense. We have to try to do that more, push the ball up the court and put pressure on their players, and make them play tougher team defense."

On moving forward
"We have to get better in every aspect of our team. From the first man to the last man, we must get better. We need everyone on our team to be focused. We have yet to win a road ball game in the Big 12, and that's one thing we are looking forward to do. I feel like we're going to come out and we will play well."