Kansas State Quotes

Kansas State Head Coach Frank Martin

"Our guys made good reads on their ball screens to get some good shots toward the end of the game. If we are going to win constantly on the road in this league, we have to make shots and play defense. I heard a coach once say "defense travels well." We have to play defense. I give credit to our guys for playing great defense to close this one out. We missed some shots at the beginning, but our guys stayed the course, kept at it, and got us a win. We have to make the tough shots. We are playing with a lot more confidence than we were at the beginning of the season. I have not once been concerned with our record, or been disappointed in our guys play. I know that our guys can produce, and I know the wins will come. At the beginning I was wondering how our young guys would handle it, but they have done well with maintaining their focus."

Kansas State Sophomore Guard Jacob Pullen
"Tonight we really concentrated on trying to figure out when they switch on ball screens, so that we could get open looks. We practice hard before we go out to an away game. We really work on our intensity, and practice going hard the whole time. We have been able to figure out how we work together. We know that we have guys that will be there to score when other guys are struggling. These wins against the University of Texas, and against Texas A&M, give us a lot of confidence for the rest of the season."