Kansas State Quotes

Kansas State vs. Nebraska

Kansas State Head Coach Quotes
Head Coach Frank Martin
On the role of Dominique Sutton...
"Dominique has been good all year. He had a stretch after the A&M game when he came down with an acute case of bronchitis and he was having a tough time breathing, but he did not take time off. He came down with a viral infection Sunday night and threw up non-stop Sunday night all the way to Tuesday morning. He was not at practice on Monday and yesterday he basically begged us to let him practice. He went out there and practiced well and he was one of the guys that played with some energy today."

On the coaching changes he made after starting slowly in the second half...
"Put different guys in the game. They tried. The word try does exist. If you try and listen, then good things will usually happen. So we put guys in there that tried." 

On what contributed to Nebraska's late game push..,
"It was them being gutsy, not accepting losing and fighting like heck to get a win, which is what I fully expected them to do. And then our lack of discipline and lack of listening. We did a lot of things right in that segment in the 15-0 run to go from down nine to up six, and then we went right back into the trap that we were in, where we just floated around, lost assignments and watched guys shoot the basketball. I mean it is a combination of both, our lack of focus and discipline, and then their willingness to make shots. If there was a positive, we made free throws down the stretch. Guys stepped up and made free throws." 

Kansas State Player Quotes
Junior Forward, Dominique Sutton
On shooting performance...
"I had confidence; it was something I had been working on all summer. I followed through on my shot. When I went to Europe it was something I worked on a lot and I had a lot of confidence tonight."

Junior Guard, Jacob Pullen
On Nebraska's shooting...
"We played bad defense, it was atrocious. I think that was the worst defense we played all year. They had people shooting eight-for-nine or five-for-six. We dug ourselves out with defense. When you let Nebraska get in a rhythm like they did tonight then you know it is going to be a long night."

On the start to the second half...
"In the first half we came out defensively and pressured the ball pretty good and we finally got into some passing lanes. In the second half we didn't come out with the same intensity that we had in the first half so we had to start from scratch again. We had turnovers and we didn't pick up our intensity enough and they made shots. That was the story of the night, they made shots."