Administration issues open letter to fans

Dear K-Staters:

Kansas State is known for having the best fans in the nation and the University appreciates the enthusiasm with which K-Staters support their athletics programs. However, at the recent Kansas State vs. Kansas men’s basketball game on Monday, Feb. 19, there were several instances of the mistreatment of animals.  These acts cannot and will not be condoned or tolerated.

These actions severely tarnish the image of our University, its athletics teams and the majority of our outstanding fans and supporters and while viewed by many as harmless pranks, these acts are likely illegal.

The University has a long-standing policy that considers live animals (except guide animals) at athletics events to be contraband. Kansas State University forbids fans from throwing any object on the playing surface at athletics contests. Failure to comply with these policies subjects offenders to ejection from the facility and possible prosecution under applicable penalty of law.

Kansas State has high standards for the behavior of its students, fans and supporters at athletics events and encourages all of our patrons to strive to exceed those expectations and represent the University in a positive manner.


Kansas State University and Athletics Administrations