Kansas State Head Coach Quotes

Kansas State Head Coach Deb Patterson

Opening statement...

“I’m impressed with the fight and the aggressiveness and the tenacity of Oklahoma State. I think they, in every phase of the game tonight, out-toughed and out-competed us. That was really my biggest disappointment on the night. I felt that as a basketball team we didn’t bring the quality of competitive intensity you need to bring in the Big 12 to even be competitive. They didn’t bring that tonight and that was a major disappointment to each and every one of us.


“On the flip side, I think Oklahoma State did that. I think their young players did it. I think they’re a basketball team that plays above their means, so to speak. It’s incredibly impressive what they’ve achieved this season competing in the very tough south division through the course of the year. I don’t know that any team in our league has done a better job maximizing the personnel that they have on the floor, game in and game out. I was disappointed we didn’t give them a better battle tonight competitively. They competed hard as they have all year. They competed confidently. They beat us to every loose ball. They stepped up and made big plays. They were the more aggressive basketball team. I wish we would have been a more highly competitive basketball team tonight.”


On OSU’s Andrea Riley...

“She just heated up as the game went by. When we looked to extend the floor to try to create some pressure and turnovers late in the game, to try create some energy and aggressiveness on our end, she was really just a one man answer to the pressure she really did. She got to the rim very efficiently, with great aggressiveness, with confidence. There’s a player that as a freshman, in a situation where she knew her opponents had to pressure to work to stay in the game, basically broke down the defense one on five. All credit to her, she did a tremendous job with that. She was by far the most aggressive, efficient, competitive and effective player on the floor tonight. She was the difference maker from my point of view.”