Kansas State Player Quotes

Texas at Kansas State

Kansas State Player Quotes


Senior Point Guard Shalee Lehning

On beating a ranked team...

“This was a huge opportunity for us. This (win) just provided us a way to fight back from adversity. I got thrown back in the mix and my teammates have done a really great job of just adjusting and reacting to whatever has been thrown at them. For us to come out and play as well together as we did (is a tribute to the team), but we did it together. That is something that was so great tonight. It was just a big win for us to build off of and build some momentum going into the (Big 12) tournament next week.”


Senior Forward Danielle Zanotti

On the physical nature of the game...

“It was a physical game, and we knew that going in. Texas is an extremely athletic and physical team. They have size, they have speed, and that is something we had to prepare for this week. We just knew going in that we had to take the punches, figuratively, and just roll with them and not back down from anything. We knew that it was going to be the team that stepped up and took the punches and continued to move forward that was going to be successful. Tonight I think we really did that, and did it as a team.”


Senior Forward Marlies Gipson

On K-State’s team effort...

“Looking at how we had 16 assists, I think we all just fed off of that and we were finding open people. As a team, we are working as a group of five, and I think that is definitely bringing confidence to my game.”


Senior Guard Kelsey Nelson

On K-State’s confidence heading into the Big 12 Tournament...

“I feel confident whenever we are out there as a team. I know everybody is going to do their role, and I am not second guessing them like, Is somebody going to be in help; Is somebody going to be here or there,’ and that’s great. Throughout the season you have to build confidence in your team, and it is great for us to have confidence going into the postseason.”