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Texas at Kansas State

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Head Coach Deb Patterson

Opening Statement...

“Well, it was a great victory for our basketball team. Having the opportunity to have a game under their belt and the adjustment of bringing (Shalee) Lehning back was really just a game that was about our seniors. I thought they dominated what we brought to the floor. They played relative to their strengths, they brought every ounce of the very best that they possess as players. They are just an unbelievable group and it was a very big win at this point in the season.”


On their defense during the game...

“I thought our defense was the key tonight to this game right from the get go. The accountability and the overall intensity and sense of purpose that our team brought to the floor defensively gave us a chance to do good tonight. I thought the real quality rebounding effort from our team across the boards tonight and so many times on offensive and defensive possessions ends with a board and we were very good and very aggressive on the defensive boards tonight. In addition to that accountability we brought early in the shot clock, we finished our possessions with defensive boards. I just credit this victory tonight with these four young women (Shalee Lehning, Danielle Zanotti, Marlies Gipson, and Kelsey Nelson) sitting here. I couldn’t have scripted a bigger game and a bigger win for them to end their careers on than the one they were just a part of here in Bramlage.”


On the momentum in tonight’s game...

“I was pretty hyper over there down to the last 30 seconds in the game. As you could see, the late substitutions trying to get Kelsey in there. I did feel as though I could really depend on our defense every possession up the floor. When we did make a mistake, I didn’t feel like it was something that had utterly and completely confused us or that would repeat itself over and over. I did feel like momentum was in our favor defensively. I thought we were really good defensively. I also felt like Marlies Gipson was playing with assertiveness on the offensive end of the floor that elevated the expectations we were all able to bring.”