Kansas State Quotes

Kansas State Head Coach Deb Patterson
On winning the Big 12 Title:

"I'm extremely proud of our basketball team.  It was an amazing run through Big 12 Conference play for this group.  Night-in and night-out they found a way to win basketball games.  It's a team that was very tough-minded and resilient.  Regardless of the type of game that they might have had to play they found ways to adjust, adapt and make enough big plays.  To find themselves in a position to be Big 12 Champs is just extraordinary.  I'm just so proud of them."


On Kimberly Dietz, Shalee Lehning and Marlies Gipson:

"Dietz has had a senior season like no one else in many years here at Kansas State.  Lehning showed why she is an All-American candidate.  I thought those two were absolutely phenomenal tonight along with Marlies Gipson.  She was the sole presence in the paint tonight.  She was just a warrior."


On when Kansas cut the K-State lead to two:

"We really weren't connecting on all cylinders offensively tonight, as a team anyways.  Lehning felt like she was 85 percent of the offense when we needed a big play.  She was the big playmaker tonight.  And down the stretch Dietz stepped up and made a big three.  Marlies stepped up and made a big lay-up.  So while Shalee carried the load for 85% of the game, as always with this team, when we needed another play Gipson and Dietz made a big one.  On defense, we had to figure out how we were going to defend their penetration.  We knew that they were going to penetrate, but they did it very effectively.  Eventually we had to find a solution and we did."


Senior Guard Kimberly Dietz

On winning the Big 12 Title at KU:

"KU has a great team every year.  It's a great little rivalry that we have going here.  Last year it was a tough game and we were really bummed, but this year we came out and pulled out a win.  We just came out on top.  Going into the Big 12 tournament we definitely have our heads held high and we are going to play our best."


Junior Guard Shalee Lehning
On scoring 29 points:

"The opportunities have arose for me to score more.  We haven't changed anything.  I'm just trying to contribute to my team in whatever way we need that night.  And tonight it was for me to do more things offensively. Other nights it is to do other things.  I'm just so proud of my team right now."


On shutting Kansas out after they closed to within two points:

"What I think is really unique and special about this team is that we don't get flustered.  We all stayed calm, even when it came within two points.  I don' think it crossed any of our minds that we were going to lose that game.  We just stayed calm and we were thinking what are we going to do now to get a bucket.  Dietz hit a huge three and that was just the nail in the back.  On this team, there is always a person that finds a way to step up."