Nebraska Quotes

Kansas State vs. Nebraska
Nebraska Quotes

Head Coach Connie Yori
Opening statement...
"I thought that our seniors really tried to take over the game in the second half. We got some quality minutes from our underclassmen as well. K-State played really well in the first half, especially on offense. So we had to go into halftime and find a way to stop the bleeding. "

On the foul trouble in the paint...
"I thought we were fine. I thought that we needed to find a way to push the tempo of the game and I thought we did a good job of that in the second half. Our players know that it is a 40 minute game and I thought we did a good job of not giving up on each other when we were down in the first half. You do not go through the Big 12 season without having to face some adversity. There are some great teams in this league, everybody is going to make you work hard and you are going to be challenged to play a full 40 minutes and I thought we did that today."

Nebraska Player Quotes
Forward Kelsey Griffin
On her success early in the game...
"I think you have to give K-State credit. They came in to the game playing to win. They did a good job of dissecting us and that is what K-State usually does. But we did a good job of correcting some of our mistakes at halftime. I think that whenever we step on the court, we try our best and play as hard as we can. We did not always play our best but we tried as hard as we could. We tried to go out in the second half and get a little more pressure on the ball. We switched up our defense a little bit and that helped us stay a little more aggressive. But you have to give K-State a lot of credit for coming out and playing really hard today."

On the vibe of the locker room at halftime...
"I think we did a good job of not panicking. Winning games on the road in this conference is hard, no matter what your record is or what you are ranked. You always have to bring you're A-game. We have been in similar situations, being down on the road, and we were just thankful that we had a half left to make a comeback."

Guard Yvonne Turner
On coming out strong in the second half ...
"Whether it is the first or second half, we go into the game wanting you control the first five minutes. Going into halftime, we discussed a couple of things. We wanted to come out in the first five minutes of the second half and make a run. Big 12 teams are going to make a run, so we had to be ready for whatever K-State was going to come at us with. But I think we did a really good job in the second half."