Press Conference Quotes

Athletics Director John Currie

Opening Statement...
"As we head to Kansas City for the Big 12 basketball tournaments, I want to thank each and every Wildcat basketball fan who supported our teams this season. We have had great moments in Bramlage this season, including women's upset wins over ranked teams, such as Iowa State and Kansas and of course the complete sell-out of the men's home conference schedule and exciting nationally televised moments throughout the season.  All of us will look back on this year in Bramlage, both on the men's and women's side, and remember student-athletes and seniors who represented us with great class, dignity and courage. Today we are pleased to share with you and excited announcement regarding our men's basketball team. Since our arrival in Manhattan last June, we have conducted an ongoing evaluation of all our athletic programs and coaching staffs. As I have said frequently, I am impressed with the depth of quality of our head coaching roster and it is clear that Coach Martin is an exemplary member of that group. Certainly this evaluation extends far beyond the court to the academic performance and character of our teams and the commitment that Coach Martin and Anya have shown to representing the broader ideals of Kansas State University. In addition to winning 67 games in his first three seasons, the academic performance of our student-athletes has drastically improved under Coach Martin's leadership. All three seniors are on target to graduate in May and our four-year men's basketball graduation rate is 75 percent, which ranks highest in the Big 12. While we are proud of the accomplishments of this season, we are equally confident in the continued growth of the program into a regular contender for Big 12 and nation honors under Coach Martin's ongoing leadership. Thus with the approval of the KSA board of directors and President Schultz, we have offered and Coach Martin has accepted, a new contract which signifies our confidence in him, his and Anya's long-term commitment to K-State and perhaps most importantly, demonstrates K-State's determination to achieve our vision of becoming a model intercollegiate athletics program. Which includes, championship athletic performances in the Big 12 and nationally. The new contract along with long-term attention incentives will elevate Coach Martin's compensation to an average of 1.55 million for the 2010-11 through the 2014-15 seasons. He will also be eligible for nationally competitive incentive program including annual performance incentives of up to 32 percent of his base salary .Additionally, Coach Martin will receive a signing bonus of 452, 800, payable by July 30th, half of which will be forfeited if he is not K-State's coach when  the 2010-11 season begins. In keeping with President Schultz's commitment to transparency, you will find copies of the new contract at the back of the room. At this time I would like to recognize the 2010 AP Big 12 coach of the year, Frank Martin."

Head Coach Frank Martin

Opening statement...
"The first thing that I want to do is thank this lady (Anya Martin) that is sitting in front of me. Six years ago she decided to give up her career to help me chase mine and leave Boston and move to Cincinnati, not knowing what she was walking into. She has been there with me through difficult times of finally catching a break in the business and making the salary that can maybe help you pay your credit card bills and then a year later my boss is fired. So, then I asked her to move again and we end up in Manhattan, Kan., a place that neither of us knew anything about. She was so willing to once again help me chase my dream and help achieve it. The past three years you all know. The last 24 hours have been real difficult for me. Being around those seniors and their families that believed in me when they did not have to and then having to deal with losing, which a little piece of me dies every time we lose, and now the joy of the incredible opportunity that John (Currie) has afforded me here. I cannot be more thankful for this university's loyalty to me and my family and our staff. I have been reflecting all day today from selling new paper ads and being the pool hall change boy when I was twelve to now making the dollar figure that I am getting ready to make. I just met with the team before I came up. It was very important for me to say thank you to those guys. This university is under incredible leadership right now and for you media people I want to say thank you for the majority of you being so understanding about the contract deal. My answer before were the truth. I did not want this to interfere with our team. I told John from day one that I want to be the guy that grows old with you here. I told him that I did not want him to offer me a contract because it is in vogue. I want to do it because you believe in me. He has shown his faith to me and my family to give me this wonderful opportunity that is going to allow me to help my family and raise my children a little differently than I was raised. It just goes to show that if you try to do right by people and do your job good things can happen to you. I have to thank the coaches as well. Every one of those guys has had a chance to leave and they have said no, to stay here with me. We have an unbelievable bond and friendship. We have a lot of work to do here and that job is going to get done. There is no doubt in my mind it is going to get done. We have grown a lot in the last three years and our program has grown together."