Kansas State Head Coach Quotes

Kansas State Head Coach Bob Huggins
On DePaul...

“They were 11-of-15 from the field in the second half. It’s hard to beat people when you’re down eight and they go 11-of-15 from the floor. We had chances. I’m proud of the guys. We were down 10 and could have quit and we didn’t have a lot of things going our way. If we get the rebound off the free throw it’s a one-possession game and we could have tied it up. We competed. That’s all you can ask.”


On David Hoskins...

“I think they went zone because they couldn’t guard him. I called timeout to isolate him twice and we scored twice, but they went down and scored twice. I said Guys, you don’t catch up by letting them score.’ It’s hard for us to score. In reality, he’s undersized. He’s 6-4 and it’s hard because they play big people on him and sometimes they play two big people on him. He keeps competing. We have to have a great off-season where he’s making perimeter shots on a consistent basis. If he stars making perimeter shots on a consistent basis, then he’s really hard to guard. I think, with the people we’re adding, then, all of sudden, we have a whole bunch of folks who can score inside and outside.”


On the season...

“To do what these guys have done and this is going to sound bad and I don’t mean it in a bad way we don’t have a guy that can really play off the dribble. We just don’t have it and we really don’t have an inside presence. Dave is an inside-out guy and if we can get him isolated one-on-one he can score, but when they help it’s just difficult because he’s small.


“For these guys to be able to do what they have done without being able to play off the bounce, without having somebody you can throw it to, it’s what I told them in there. I appreciate the fact of how they bought in. I appreciate the fact that they wanted to learn, they wanted to get better, they wanted to get coached. That’s not always the case in today’s world. I never felt like the fought us. They didn’t always do what I wanted them to do and they didn’t play as hard, particularly early, as I wanted them to play. I think playing hard is a learned skill. It’s like shooting, passing and dribbling you have to learn how to play hard. I think they did. I told them that I appreciate the fact that they didn’t give us any resistance. Unfortunately, some of the guys that gave us resistance were some of the guys that we recruited. These guys that were here were phenomenal in terms of being coachable. I think everybody thought I was screwing him (Cartier Martin) up, but I was trying to make him play. I didn’t want him to just be a jump-shooter, I wanted him to be a player. Dave could tell you, I didn’t let those guys go down and play post defense until two or three weeks ago because their future is on the perimeter. If we’re going to be what we want to be here, they’re going to have to learn to play on the perimeter and guard on the perimeter. In a lot of ways, guarding on the perimeter is a lot harder, and it certainly takes a lot more effort, than guarding on the post. They did it willingly and I appreciate that.


“As I told the young guys in there, it would be one thing if we came in and they wanted to fight it and say that’s not what we did before,’ and that’s not what they did at all. The young guys had tremendous examples in Cartier, Lance (Harris) Stew (Clent Stewart).”