Kansas State Head Coach and Player Quotes

Illinois at Kansas State

Kansas State Quotes


Head Coach Deb Patterson

Opening statement...

“I thought this was just another game two in a row now where we really asserted ourselves with respect to the intensity we were going to compete on both end of the floor. I liked the balance we got out of our bench. Illinois really dominated us on the boards in the first half and our players really took that to heart in the second half to get some deflections. I felt good going in at halftime close with the discrepancy that we saw on the boards. That was just a compliment to the fact that we were defending at a high level. It was another good win against another high-quality basketball team. They were a fourth-place team in the Big Ten and really talented individually and collectively. I was very excited about the intensity that our basketball team brought to the floor tonight.”


On turnovers...

“Well I thought it was a function of the fact that, defensively, we were very focused. I thought we brought a high-level of accountability, both individually and collectively. Certainly, as we started that second half, the deflection that Shana Wheeler helped to cause were very big. I just loved her defense tonight. Our guards stepped up coming out of halftime. I thought we made it really tough on Illinois to get good looks. I know they got a little bit of rhythm inside, but we answered. I thought our players made an effort to stop any kind of momentum of emphasis that Illinois brought to the floor offensively. I think we made the score on different points on the floor in the second half, and that was real big.”


Senior Guard Claire Coggins

On coming off the bench...

”It’s fun anytime you step on the court, so it’s not a big deal if you start at tip-off or come in after a timeout. I’m proud of how our team came out tonight. Everybody was ready to go. It really trickled down the bench. Any player that Coach Patterson put in kept that tempo going and it was a really good atmosphere for us.”


Sophomore Guard Shalee Lehning

On Kimberly Dietz’s three-point shooting...

”It definitely opens up so many different things for us collectively as a team. Kimberly is an amazing shooter and she proved that tonight. It helped open up some things on the inside and our posts stepped up and started making big shots. All of our perimeters did a good job knocking down shots tonight. It just shows the potential that we do have.”


Junior Guard Kimberly Dietz

On her three-point shooting...

”My teammates set me some really good screens and go the ball when I needed it and made great passes. When I see that rim I just let it rip. My teammates were setting those great screens, so it just came to me at the right time.”