Kansas State Head Coach Quotes

Head Coach Deb Patterson

Opening statement...

“We’re really excited about this win against a basketball team that we consider so well coached and so athletic just a great SEC team and basketball program. I thought our first half defense was very, very good and tough, and really set the tempo for the basketball game. It was very critical for us to getting off to a great start.


“I felt we brought a lot of aggressiveness to both ends of the floor and that’s what really helped us be successful. I was very proud of both the offensive and defensive play of our post players. More than anything (I was proud of) the accountability and the intensity and the toughness to competing for the full 40 minutes that our basketball team brought tonight.”


On the late season run her team is making...

“I think our team has just continued to get better. When you get an opportunity in the post season it gives you those extra weeks. It gives you those extra opportunities to compete and prepare for great opponents. I think our team has really grabbed a hold of it individually. I give great credit to every individual for the commitment their bringing and collectively. A season like the one we’ve had, where you have a lot of adjustments in personnel, is very, very challenging and yet our team never gave up, never gave in when they had this opportunity after the disappointment of that last loss to embrace the next game. They brought a great, high level of attention and focus to it and since then we’ve sustained it and it’s put us in a position to be successful these last games.”


On the late season run her team is making...

“My thoughts are that’s going to happen. It’s very unrealistic to think that you’re going to run away from anybody at this point of time in the season. You know they’re going to make runs, you know they’re a great team and you know they’re going to get a higher level of assertiveness at some point in time. During the course of the game, a team is going to find especially a great team is going to find a way to put pressure on your defense and put pressure on your offense. It’s very rare at this point in the season that you’re going to find any game that’s not close when the final buzzer goes off.


“I like the composure and the intensity that our team continued to bring as Auburn made their run. We expected that kind of run, we talked about it, we understood that the character of the game at this point in the season is going to be tight when its all said and done. It was and I really liked the answer we brought to the table. I thought we managed offensively and defensively our possessions, sustained good, aggressive play as they did as well. That’s what you’ve got to expect. You’re not going to be playing anyone that’s going to lay down and die or lay down and play soft at this point in the season. They’re going to make adjustments, they’re going to come at you, and by and large its going to be a close game maybe to the final seconds of the game.


“Fortunately for us, we were able to extend a lead that was comfortable down the last minute and a half, but it could have very well been a one or two possession game. In any case, I like the toughness we brought.”