Kansas State Player Quotes

Freshman forward Ashley Sweat

On her play tonight...

“I think I need to credit the teams overall intensity. We were very intense coming out; we showed that we wanted to be the aggressors. I just tried to look for my teammates to get open. I knew that since I hit that three-pointer early in the game that they were going to come out on me. Some others players got open and we just started hitting shots.”


Junior forward Shana Wheeler

On the block on Keke Carrier...

“I was trying to get my body on her and keep her from getting on the block. The nest thing I knew I was on the ground. Then they lobbed the ball into her and I knew that her shot was going to be way too easy and I was going to get yelled at so I just tried to make a play and I got the block.”


Junior guard Kimberly Dietz

On coach Patterson’s excitement level...

“She does get excited very often but this is by far the most excited that she has ever been. We love it, we play with so much intensity and we love to see it on the sidelines as well. She is our head coach and her excitement jus trickles down to everyone.”