University President Jon Wefald Quotes

Opening Statement: “I have been here for a long time, as you know. This is a very sad day for me and for Kansas State. Tim, Bob, and I met with Bob last night for a couple of hours. I can tell you that there is no question that we did not ask, there is no issue that we did not put on the table, and I think you should know that we moved heaven and earth to keep Bob Huggins here. Time in effect said, you tell us what your salary should be? Whatever West Virginia is offering, we will match it, and then some, same way for the assistant coaches. You have to know that there was nothing that we wouldn’t do to keep Bob Huggins here. I said to Coach Huggins, you have been here for one year, the timing is not right. One year is not enough. If Bob had indicated to us about a year ago this time that he needed something in his contract about his alma mater then we would have gone on, we would have looked at somebody else. There is no way that we would have hired Coach Huggins if he had said that if the West Virginia job opens then I have to go there. That never came up. We all like Coach Huggins as much as you do, the job he did here last year was brilliant. With mainly players from last year we won 23 games, finished fourth in the Big 12. We have a number-one recruiting class coming in for 07-08, and the sky is the limit. I said to Coach Huggins, they are never going to love you at West Virginia like we do here. You will never be more beloved if you are there 100 years than you are at Kansas State right now, after one year. I told Coach Huggins, you have to do what you have to do, but you have created a magic and an aura around K-State basketball that we have not had here in years and years. I asked him, are you sure that you can duplicate that anywhere else? It wasn’t like we were arguing, or that it got vindictive or anything like that. We just over and over again, from three different prospectives said Bob, this is the place for you. We are not saying that you have to stay her forever, but the timing is just not right. So I basically said that this is not fair. This is not fair to the players, to the program, to the university, to our fans. So I told him that you have to do the right thing, which means you have to stay. Maybe a heavyweight championship fight would be a good metaphor, we feel like we are heavyweight contenders here at K-State. It is kind of like we are in the ring and we are doing very well, then we get hit with a right cross and knocked out. That is the way I feel right now. We got knocked out, not knocked down, knocked out. But then on the other hand I am an optimist, in life sometimes things are not fair. Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you want them to. We have dreams for ourselves and our university, sometimes they turn out to be true, sometimes they don’t work out. I am not a quitter. I am so disappointed, I am heartbroken. But I don’t give up. When one door closes, another one opens up. We will do our best job to keep this basketball team on an even-keel, and to keep it moving onward and upward. That is a commitment from the three of us.”