Vice President for Institutional Advancement Bob Krause Quotes

Opening Statement: “Obviously it’s an emotional time. I think when you step back from the emotions and that roller coaster of the incredible highs -- we talked last night about the absolutely outstanding and almost stunning response in the last game at a time when there are no students on campus, and we had a sellout crowd and the affection for the players and the affection for the coaches -- when you are caught up in the emotion of that, it’s very difficult when you’ve experienced that, to try and understand that you have a full range of emotional reaction. The school, our players and our fans expect that we will. When we step back from those emotions, you can say that foundation has been built. Now the task is how do you redouble an effort to find a way and move it ahead? Once people have the opportunity to experience things and get caught up in that emotion, then people have to say, Well, do I want to keep risking the investment emotionally to add to that experience?’ And I can tell you, I appreciate our fans so very much, our players, our coaches, some of you will find it hard to believe our media (laughing), but I think everybody gets caught up in that emotion. If you are not feeling hurt today, if you’re not feeling pain and disappointment, then you didn’t make the investment. You didn’t buy in. And when you step back from that emotion, you’ll say, It’s a better program today than it was.’ We have the foundation. We tasted it. People will say that you can’t win here. I think there might have been some things proven. It doesn’t take away your emotional reaction, because we all invested in it. The task now at hand is not to focus on the past but to assess where we’re at. There are a lot of things in life you can’t control. You always have a choice in how you respond, and that’s what we try to teach students and teach athletes in practice everyday.”