Athletics Director Tim Weiser Quotes

Opening statement: “Obviously, this is a very disappointing and sad day for us to have to come and talk about this situation. Earlier this afternoon, we learned from Coach Huggins that, despite our best efforts to convince him otherwise and he admitted this wasn’t the right thing to do he ultimately made the decision to go. Certainly, I recognize that this profession is all about people are free to come and go. Our concern and our issue in talking with Bob was that everything has a time and a place, and this wasn’t the right time. It may have been the right place, but a year into this, by no means, is the right time to say that we had finished the job. I think my disappointment is that we knew, based on the success we had this year, a lot of good things were ahead of us. But, with his departure, we now have to regroup and begin again.”

Question: Were you caught off guard by his decision?
“I would have to tell you, given what happened last year when there was a rumored departure to either Indiana or North Carolina State by John Beilein, Coach Huggins and I talked briefly about that. The way in which he responded to be in, how could I say these things to our kids and make the kind of promises and then leave?’ I guess I just mistakenly took that to mean, at least for the next few years that was going to be the case. But, last night when we talked to him, it was obvious that it was a much more significant decision for him then I would have ever thought.”

Question: What time did you talk with him and was his mind absolutely set when he walked in your door?
“It was 8:30 or 9:00, something like that until midnight or beyond. No, I felt like he was a very tortured soul. I felt like he was conflicted in many ways. When I asked him, Bob, do you think leaving now is the right thing to do?’ He said no. Then I asked him, how many times in your life have you known what the right thing to do is, and not done it?’ He said never. That was the indication, to me, that he was still wrestling with the decision. We agreed that we would meet again this morning and that got pushed back. We didn’t meet until this afternoon so I continued to remain optimistic that in the end he would do the right thing.”

Question: So, your feelings last night at midnight were above 50/50 that he would stay?

Question: Did he mention anything besides going home?
“You know that I would have to tell you that what he was dealing with was, this might be the last time that I get a chance to go home.’ Believe me, I am living proof of the desire to go home. I understand that, and that’s what I told Bob, it is not about whether you should go back home or not, there is a right time for everything and this isn’t the right time. West Virginia will be disappointed if you don’t come but it will be much greater for us.

“We met with the players and the staff today and obviously they are feeling the same emotions that we are. It is a difficult thing for them right now to understand the commitment they made, and now we are starting over. Believe me, it is very difficult for our kids. We are obviously very concerned about them.”

Question: Can you talk about the player’s situation?
“I told them our policy is consistent here we do not grant releases until the next head coach is in place. I’m not going to consider waving that policy, but you know every time there is a coaching change there are inevitably kids that are unhappy and I’m saying that may not happen here but obviously the emotions of today are pretty raw. There are a lot of people feeling a lot of things within our team right now.”

Question: Have there been any players that have come to you to say that they want to go?

Question: Have you had a conversation with Michael Beasley yet?

Question: When you talk about not granting releases, does that go for kids that have signed letters of intent as well?
“Our policy as a department is that we don’t grant releases. We invest a lot in recruitment, training, scholarshiping and boarding of our student athletes, and for us to grant releases is something that we would have to be convinced is in the best interest of both the university and the student athlete.”

Question: Was there any discussion of the disappointment of the NCAA committee passing over K-State for the tournament?
“Not once.”

Question: Are there more considerations for Dalonte Hill and Frank Martin than the other applicants for the head coaching position?
“I’m sure you would expect me to say that every option is going to be considered. Obviously, we would like to keep the disruptions to a minimum but more important than that we want to make sure that we go forward to give our kids a chance to win championships. Whoever that turns out to be, we will find out in time.”

Question: You have said in the past that you have a list of possible candidates. In one year after hiring Bob Huggins, did you ever feel a need to freshen up that list?
“No. You always know candidates but if I honestly would have known that this was how Bob felt about West Virginia despite the conversations we had about, this is a decision that we see in a long-term way and his admission that this was a place that he was planning to retire we didn’t have any reason to think that that would change. Even last night I still felt like his heart was pulling him back home with his friends and family but in the end he knows what the right thing is and he will do it.”

Question: Are you going to use the services of Eddie Fogler again?
“I’m sure Eddie and I will talk at some point.”

Question: When did West Virginia ask for permission to talk to Coach Huggins?
“I’m not going to comment on that.”

Question: Did Coach Huggins make any recommendations for the guys on his staff?
“No. I can’t say that he did. Obviously, he feels good about his guys but, to be honest with you, I didn’t want to give him a chance.”

Question: Did you talk to Coach Huggins about the kids that he recruited to Kansas State?
“I know kids make decisions based on a lot of things, but clearly who the head coach is is a big part of that. We will see in time how that plays out. I can’t promise you anything about how this will proceed. It is still a very raw situation for us to try to understand.”

Question: Just to clarify, did you tell Bob Huggins that you would match or exceed whatever offer West Virginia made?
“Yes. Bob knew there wasn’t anything that we wouldn’t do to keep him and his staff in place. I think Jon (Wefald) even offered to rename the university as I recall.”

Question: When did he officially let you know today that he was leaving?
“I don’t know. It was 1:30 or 2:00, somewhere in that neighborhood.”

Question: How long did that session take and what was the mood of it?
“It didn’t take very long in my office. It took a little longer in Jon’s office.”

Question: Was there any kind of concession made by him to help soften the blow or was it just, I’m going, bye?’
“It was, I’m going, goodbye.’“

Question: What is Bill Walker’s situation, since he signed a Grant-in-Aid instead of a Letter of Intent?
“For him to transfer he would obviously have to be granted a release. Without that release, he would have to sit out a year. He would be just like any other student-athlete.”

Question: Can you talk about the plans for Bramlage and the Nike deal?
“There were a lot of plans, and we talked about that. There is no mistake about the opportunity to do those things were in large part because of the excitement that Bob created. My commitment is to give our coaches and our kids the best experience possible so we will still try to figure a way out for it to work financially. Our commitment with Nike is a six year commitment so that is unchanged.”

Question: Is Frank Martin on the top of your list as possibilities to succeed as coach?
“We are going to consider everybody.”

Question: Did he indicate to you that his staff would be going with him or did he say that they were free to stay here?
“I think that they are hopeful that there is an opportunity here.”

Question: Did you meet with the staff separately and what was the message of that?
“Yes. I told them, I feel bad and I understand the difficulties this places them in.’ They bought homes and moved families. Those are hardships that are difficult to deal with and we will work hard to figure out which direction we will go as soon as possible.”

Question: Are any of the members of the support staff or coaches on multiyear contracts?

Question: Do you rethink the buyout clause in his contract now?
“I’m sitting here looking at the $2.5 million buyout that John Beilein had. That did a lot of good, didn’t it? An issue for us is you have to want to be here. I’ve said that many times. You can’t kind of want to be the coach or the A.D. at Kansas State. You have to be all-in. If you don’t want to be here and because of money we force you to stay, I’m not sure that make for a good combination. Why do we have a buyout in there? Well, we are going to have expenses, obviously, and we want to try and cover our expenses. In truth, I really didn’t think that in Bob’s case that there was really going to be a need for that, given the kind of commitment he had made on the front end. I never sensed that would be an issue that would come up.”

Question: Was there anything about Bob that you felt that he just kind of wanted to be here?

Question: There is an image of Bob Huggins. Do you think that the image of Bob Huggins wasn’t completely wrong?
“No. Bob is a good guy. I think he made a bad decision, but he is a good person. He was great to work with. He is much different that I think he is portrayed as being. I don’t know how people read what he is doing, but I think that he is a good guy that made a bad decision.”

Question: When Coach Huggins was initially asked why he was coming to Manhattan, he mentioned the two of you specifically.  Do you guys feel a sense of betrayal?
“Well, I can just speak for myself and say certainly. We have all had opportunities to leave. That is the nature of this profession. Everyone has a chance to go. Jon has had numerous chances and has chosen to stay here. Again, that is not the issue. There is a time and a place and this was not the time.”