K-State Sports Extra: Snyder Demonstrates Toughness

By Mark Janssen


That's the wordage that came from several Kansas State football players about coach Bill Snyder.

"He bounced right back up," said offensive lineman Zach Kendall.

Center Wade Weibert added, "I was impressed how quick he popped up. He earned a lot of respect that day."

That day was last Thursday when the Wildcat coach was plowed over by a pair of offensive linemen, who were not identified.

Laughing, Weibert said, "My mom sent me a quick text that said, 'It wasn't you, was it?'"

The accidental contact resulted in the 70-year-old Wildcat coach tearing the anterior cruciate ligament and the medial collateral ligament in his right knee.

"Have you ever had 600 pounds fall on your knee?" asked Snyder at Monday's press conference. "Unless you've experienced it, you don't truly understand the impact it can have. If you're not supposed to turn right, and you turn right, it lets you know in a heartbeat."

Snyder, who only walked with a slight limp on Monday, went through the rest of Thursday's practice, but then had a doctor give it a look that evening.

"The amazing thing was that it didn't hurt," Snyder said. "Then the doctor came up and jerked around on it and said, 'Your golf game is over unless you have surgery.'"

Not because of golf, Snyder said of the possible surgery, "That's what I'm contemplating."