Michael Beasley Quotes

Opening Statement:

“I would like to announce that I am entering my name into the 2008 NBA Draft. (Laughing) This is the wrong paper. Yeah, I would like to announce that I am putting my name in the NBA Draft. First of all, I would like to thank Kansas State and everybody on my team for giving me the love and support that anybody has ever had. I would like to thank coach (Martin) and everybody on the coaching staff for pushing me and making me work everyday. I would like to thank my family for being there since day-one. I would like to thank Kansas State for supplying me with a scholarship and giving me love and support showing me that they cared throughout the whole year, good or bad. The fans definitely, the city of Manhattan; I just want to thank everyone for being so nice and making my time hear as fun as possible.”


Q: How much of a decision was this and when did you know?

Michael Beasley: “When I just walked in, I guess. This is a long process thinking about this and that, the pros and cons of leaving college. We lost in the second round this year and that was pretty big but I think it is time for me to take my game to the next level.”


Q: You are going to sign with an agent right away?

MB: “Yes.”


Q: How much sleep did you get last night, Mike?

MB: “Not a lot. Just going back-and-forth, you know. Like I said, Kansas State has been great to me. They made my stay here as smooth as possible and the fans are like no other. So I kind of went back-and-forth about it for a long time.”


Q: Mike, you always said how much you liked it here. Probably, before you got here were you thinking, I’m not sure if I like this rule or not, that I have to come here for a year.’ What are your thoughts on that now?

MB: “I think the rule is great, I know it helped me out a lot. This one year that I have been in college I have gotten stronger, smarter, matured and learned how to live on my own for a little bit. It just helped me out all around, on and off the court.”


Q: You said you went back-and-fourth. Ultimately, why did you decide to go to the NBA?

MB: “I just felt that it was time to take my game to the next level. I think that I proved myself over the course of the season. I just think that it is time for new challenges.”


Q: Is there a point in the season this year that you were leaning towards staying in college?

MB: “I would have liked to left with a championship of some sort this season; Big 12, NCAA. That was my main thing, is that we didn’t win as much as I want but I am happy with our season. I can’t be upset with the things that we accomplished this year.”


Q: Could you go thought the process of deciding whether you were going to go pro or not; whose voice was most influential in your decision?

MB: “Jacob Pullen. (Laughing)”

Frank Martin: “That’s a first.”

MB: “My mother, my godfather, Curtis Martin, Coach (Martin), Coach Hill, a lot of people. I sat down with my group of people and talked about it over-and-over again and they always told me to follow my heart.”



Q: From what you have said, were you still undecided after last night?

MB: “I kind of made my mind up, then went back to being undecided and then made my mind up again. Last night, well, today was when my decision stuck. I talked to coach one last time and he told me that it’s out there, the world is in your hands, just take it.”


Q: Michael, where does money figure into the decision?

MB: “I think that if you ask anybody that question, money is going to be a very important factor. I just think that it is the right decision for me and my family, financially. I feel that by me going to the NBA I can take care of my family and make sure that our lives our better.”


Q: Mike, you were at the Final Four and then you also, reportedly, went to the Clippers-Lakers game in L.A. recently. Talk about your thought process, what you were thinking about at both of those different events.

MB: “At the Final Four I was just trying to watch good basketball and it was good basketball. I wasn’t really thinking about anything, that was my reasons for going to the games. At the Clippers game, just to get my mind away from everything that was going on in the world. I wasn’t really thinking about it too much.”


Q: Did you visualize yourself out there?

MB: “No, I was too busy watching Kobe Bryant.”


Q: Mike, what has Kevin Durant told you about making the transition to the NBA life?

MB: “Nothing really; he told me that it is a little harder and you have to work little harder and a little longer. We haven’t really talked about it. Hopefully he can give me some advice and guide me to where I need to be show me the ropes since he has been there a year already.”


Q: Where you surprised at how much production you had this season?

MB: “Yeah, I would say so. I came into college knowing that I was going to be an okay player. I didn’t think that I was going to be this good; I didn’t think that I was going to progress so quickly. It was a surprise to me.”


Q: How disappointing was it to come up just short in the two major Player of Year awards?

MB: “It hurt a little bit but I kind of knew how it was going to turn out. I’m not mad; Tyler Hansbrough is a great player. He did some great things for North Carolina, they went all the way to the Final Four. I’m not mad. It wasn’t up to me; I can’t be made about it.”


Q: Could you talk about your favorite memory of this last season and being able to be here at Kansas State?

MB: “There are so many. Just the locker room talk; the whole team in the locker room just chillin’ we are one big family. Just to hang out with the teammates day-in and day-out.”

FM: Scott (Greenawalt) and the tire?

MB: Not Scott and the tire. I don’t think that I liked those memories. Just interacting with my teammates and coaches and getting to know everybody. We all have some pretty special memories and it’s hard to pick one.”


Q: Are you going to miss it?

MB: “Definitely.”


Q: Did anyone try and talk you out of going?

MB: “Yeah, a lot of people in Manhattan. (Laughing) Nobody seriously; everybody I talked to, everybody I sat down with told me to do what is best for me and to follow my heart. So no, not seriously.”


Q: Mike, you could have gone anywhere. Did you ever think, What if I would have gone to some different school?’

MB: “No. I mean why would I want to go to some different school. What school would you want me to go to? I like it here in Manhattan; I like wearing purple and white every night.”


Q: How involved do you plan on staying with Kansas State?

MB: “I have got to be involved. This is my school, I’m a Wildcat forever. It’s kind of hard to stray away from that, especially with all of the people that I have met over this year. I have got to stay around.”


Q: How long does it seem like you have been in Manhattan?

MB: “It seems like 10 years. It is a slow pace; not a lot of things move around here. It has been fun but it just seems like forever.”


Q: What are you going to miss most about college?

MB: “That’s a hard one. Not cleaning my room I guess.”


Q: Have you thought about where you want to play? Who is your favorite team?

MB: “Anywhere, I guess. My favorite team is the Wizards but I don’t think they are going to get a high pick.”



Q: What about playing in Seattle with (Kevin) Durant?

MB: “That would be nice. That would be real nice. I haven’t really thought about where I might be. I’m just trying to work hard and continue to work out, continue to lift weights and hope for the best.”


Q: Mike, how do you want to be remembered by K-State fans and people associated with Kansas State University?

MB: “As Mike Beasley. I don’t to be on a pedestal but I know want to be underneath anybody. I just want to be the stand-up guy and the goofy kid that could play basketball.”


Q: Mike, being the number-one pick in the NBA Draft, is that one of those dream or goals that you have had in your head growing up?

MB: “I think that it’s everybody’s goal to be the number-one pick, number-two pick. It might be a reality now. It has come faster than I thought but that was definitely a dream growing up.”