Associate Head Coach Dalonte Hill Quotes

On if he thinks Michael Beasley is ready for the NBA ...
“I think his (Michael Beasley) game is built for the NBA. We tried to
get him posted up early in the season and with all the congestion and
what teams were throwing at him his production was down, like when we
were in Orlando. As the year went on, we brought him out to the short
corner and that’s where most guys post up now in the NBA.”

On Michael Beasley’s improvements this year...

“He’s come a long way defensively. When he got here and even when I
first met him, defense wasn’t his thing. He wasn’t a defensive player,
he was just taught not to foul and to just hang out around the basket.
Now, he’s showing the ability to step out on ball screens and make
defensive switches if necessary.”