Fishing Tournament Winners Announced

MANHATTAN, Kan. The fifth annual Kansas State University Ahearn Scholarship Fund Fishing Tournament, presented by the Geary County Convention and Visitors Bureau, was yet another success this past weekend as 164 anglers invaded Milford Lake in Junction City, Kan., and helped raise funds to benefit scholarships for student-athletes in the Kansas State athletics department.
“Many of our competitors have been very loyal supporters of this tournament,” said Assistant Athletics Director Lon Floyd. “Everyone involved thought that this year’s event was the finest in the five-year history of the tournament when considering the $7,000 in prize money that was won, the perfect weather conditions and the quality and quantity of fish caught.”

Greg Wege of Wheaton and Cliff Bammes of Manhattan earned a first-place prize of $1,232 in the Bass division with a total weight of 15.04 pounds, while Chris Scherbring of Tecumseh and Jason Baird of Gypsum finished second with total weight of 13.01 pounds and a prize of $770.  Kyle Hornung and Dan Konrade of Spearville took first place in the Walleye division with a total catch of 10.34 pounds and a prize of $896, while Jaran and Emily Cox of Manhattan earned a second-place prize of $560 for their catch of 10.28 pounds.

Bill Burwell and Bob Engle, both of Abilene, were the winners in the White Bass category, as their catch of 19.26 pounds earned them a prize of $539. Jeff Turner of Solomon and Pat Normandin of Salina were second and the recipients of a $245 prize in the division for their catch of 17.73 pounds.  Scott Bredow of Topeka and Charles Schieffelbein of Tecumseh earned a first-place prize of $420 in the Catfish division with a total weight of 44.82 pounds, while James Diehl of Topeka and Delmar Thowe of Alma took second for the second straight year and a $210 prize with a total catch of 39.0 pounds.

The net proceeds from the tournament benefit the Ahearn Scholarship Fund. Founded in 1964, the Fund’s primary objective is to raise money from the private sector for athletic scholarships and capital improvements at Kansas State University.

Ahearn Scholarship Fishing Tournament Results



1              Greg Wege, Wheaton Cliff Bammes, Manhattan; 15.04 lbs.; $1,232

2              Chris Scherbring, Tecumseh Jason Baird, Gypsum; 13.01; $770

3              David Bond, Abilene John Ecklund; 10.95; $462

4              Randy Landreville, Junction City Bryan Lindsley, Junction City; 10.85; $308

5              David Wardlow, Junction City David Bryan Wardlow, Junction City; 9.46; $154

6              Ronnie Grice, Manhattan Doug Smith, Junction City; 8.46; $77

7              Brad Taylor, Bel Aire Cole Schmidt, Bel Aire; 8.09; $77



1              Kyle Hornung, Spearville Dan Konrade, Spearville; 10.34 lbs.; $896

2              Jaran Cox, Manhattan Emily Cox, Manhattan; 10.28; $560

3              Becky Heidrick, Odessa Bryan Hughes, Odessa; 7.74; $336

4              Steve Kesl, Topeka Chase Kesl, St. George; 7.14; $224

5              Brent Wideman, Colby Troy Sporer, Oakley; 6.02; $112

6              Rob Wallace, McPherson Gerry Tillet, McPherson; 5.98; $56

7              Jason McCown, Diller Heath Kapke, Fairbuy; 5.62; $56


White Bass

1              Bill Burwell, Abilene Bob Engle, Abilene; 19.26 lbs.; $539

2              Jeff Turner, Solomon Pat Normandin, Salina; 17.73; $245

3              John Miesner, Manhattan James Miesner, Oberlin; 13.28; $147

4              Joe Warren, Topeka Daniel Roether, Milford; 8.86; $49



1              Scott Bredow, Topeka Charles Schieffelbein, Tecumseh; 44.82 lbs.; $420

2              Delmar Thowe, Alma James Diehl, Topeka; 39.00; $210

3              Kevin Parks, LeRoy James Webster, Burlington; 31.39; $70