Anglers raise funds for K-State scholarships

MANHATTAN, Kan. A total of 268 anglers combined to make Kansas State’s third annual Cabela’s Ahearn Scholarship Fund Fishing Tournament a huge success on Saturday at Milford Lake in Junction City, Kan.

The tournament consisted of 134 two-person teams fishing from boats competing in six different species categories and together helped to raise nearly $30,000 for student-athlete scholarships at K-State.

“Thanks to Cabela’s and the support of the Geary County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau as well as all the fishing organizations from across the state of Kansas the tournament once again proved to be very successful in raising funds for the Ahearn Scholarship Fund,” Assistant Athletics Director for Development Event Lon Floyd said. “In just three years this tournament has become a major event and we look forward to its continued success.”

The 2007 edition of the Cabela’s Ahearn Scholarship Fund Fishing Tournament got underway at 7 a.m. Saturday morning with each team fishing in one of six pre-selected species divisions, including Bass, Walleye, White Bass, Catfish and Crappie. Anglers also compete to catch the largest Wiper.

Ronnie Grice of Manhattan and Doug Smith of Junction City, who teamed up to captured first place in the inaugural tournament in 2005, once again took home the bass division title and a first-place cash prize of $3,160with a total weight of 6.83 pounds. Troy and Tommy Dillon of Manhattan weren’t for behind and took the second-place prize of $1,975 with a total weight of 6.34 pounds.

In the Walleye division, Tim Hersh and Mike Johnston captured the top spot and a first-place prize of $2,246 with a total catch of 15.63 pounds, while Alan Paul of Glava and James Coffey of McPherson, earned a second-place prize of $1,405 for their catch of 10.56 pounds.

Jeffrey Turner of Soloman and Patrick Normandin of Salina were the winners in the White Bass division with a total catch of 12.8 pounds and shared the first-place prize of $700, while Joe Silva of Alma and Colby Brummett of Wamego split the first-place prize of $632 in the Catfish category with a total haul of 47.6 pounds.

Bob Roberts and Marvin Cain of Salina were the final winners of the day, taking first in the Crappie division and a $423 prize with a total weight of 7.33 pounds. In addition, the Geary County Convention and Visitors Bureau gave a cash prize of $500 to Virgil Brown of Olpe for catching the largest Wiper of the tournament. The fish weighed in at 5.48 pounds.

The net proceeds from the tournament benefit the Ahearn Scholarship Fund. Founded in 1964, the Fund’s primary objective is to raise money from the private sector for athletic scholarships and capital improvements at Kansas State University.

Final Results
Cabela’s Ahearn Scholarship Fund Fishing Tournament
April 23, 2005
Milford Lake, Junction City, Kan.

1  Doug Smith, Junction City Ronnie Grice, Manhattan         6.83 lbs.  $3,160
2  Troy Dillon, Manhattan Tommy Dillon, Manhattan            6.34 lbs.  $1,975
3  John Maldonado, Chapman Lance Maldonado, Chapman          6.15 lbs.  $1,185
4  Cole Schmidt, Manhattan Brad Taylor, Kansas City          5.54 lbs.  $790
5  Chris Scherbering, Abilene Jason Baird, Gypsum            4.52 lbs.  $395
6  Bobby Tindahl, Riley Lisa Tindahl, Riley                  3.29 lbs.  $237
7  Kenny Bammes, Manhattan Tom Orazem, Manhattan             3.22 lbs.  $158
8  Duane Miller, Riley Deb Miller, Riley                     2.92 lbs.  $100
9  Kipton Burba, Manhattan Aaron Sims, Junction City         2.86 lbs.  $75
10 Justin Brin, Olathe Jason Brin, DeSoto                    2.74 lbs.  $50

1  Tim Hersh, Topeka Mike Johnston, Topeka                 15.63 lbs.  $2,246
2  Alan Paul, Galva James Coffey, McPherson                 10.56 lbs.  $1,405
3  Brian Hein, Wichita Kurt Shaw, Hillsboro                  9.92 lbs.  $841
4  Robert Rogge, St. George Sheldon Rogge, St. George        8.77 lbs.  $559
5  Mark Joy, Wichita Justin Miller, Wichita                  8.73 lbs.  $282
6  Ken Ullmer, Milford Arland Shandy, Riley                  8.58 lbs.  $170
7  Brent Emich, Holton Wayne Callen, Madison                 8.05 lbs.  $110
8  Derek Gilsdorf, Salina Curtis Gilsdorf, Salina            6.70 lbs.  $100
9  Gary Johnson, Oakley Ray Luhman, Colby                    4.86 lbs.  $75
10 Larry Pilgrim, Papillion, NE Randy Pilgram, Omaha         4.85 lbs.  $50

White Bass
1  Jeffrey Turner, Solomon Patrick Normandin, Salina        12.80 lbs.  $700
2  John Miesner, Manhattan David Miesner, Manhattan         12.77 lbs.  $440
3  Audrey McQueen\Roger McQueen, Canyon City, CO              12.66 lbs   $260
4  Nick Gent, Salina Mike Blaha, Salina                     12.48 lbs.  $175
5  Loren Johnston, Salina Rita Johnston, Salina             12.41 lbs.  $90
6  Kyle Hornung, Spearville Dan Konrade, Spearville         11.48 lbs.  $85

1  Joe Silva, Alma Colby Brummett, Wamego                   47.60 lbs.  $632
2  David Coleman, Kansas City Russell Coleman, Kansas City  38.80 lbs.  $395
3  Chris Falk, Alma Ben Sisson, Carbondale                  32.50 lbs.  $237
4  Michael Mawn, Junction City David Basil, Junction City   15.55 lbs.  $163
5  Claude Shumway, Topeka Renne Shumway, Topeka             13.05 lbs.  $153

1  Bob Roberts, Salina Marvin Cain, Salina                   7.33 lbs.  $423
2  Larry Beuthin, Halstead Robin Beuthin, Halstead           7.02 lbs.  $209

1  Virgil Brown, Olpe                                          5.48 lbs.  $500

Tournament Notes
Total Number of Competitors 268
Large Bass Scherbring/Baird, 4.52 lbs.
Large Walleye Hersch/Johnston, 6.82 lbs.
Large Catfish Silva/Brummett, 36.2 lbs.
Large Wiper Brown, 5.48 lbs.