Kansas State Athletics State Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame History
The idea for the Kansas State Athletics Hall of Fame was born in 1989, when then-athletic director Steve Miller conceived the notion of honoring those who have participated in the program with special distinction.

In the summer prior to an induction year, a selection committee meets to consider all those nominated from various sources. A three-fourths vote of the selection committee is required for induction, with those receiving a majority of votes automatically being considered in the following induction cycle.

There are three categories for consideration: former athletes, former coaches and administrators, and honorary nominees.

For athletes to be considered, they must meet the following criteria:
   Be the recipient of at least one varsity letter
   Ten years must have passed since graduation of their class, as determined by the date of matriculation
   Have displayed outstanding achievement in intercollegiate athletics
   Shall possess or have possessed other qualifications that, in the opinion of the committee, makes such a person worthy of the award, such as outstanding sportsmanship, character or integrity, and be a person who has brought great distinction to the university
   Must have carried on the values of Kansas State University after graduation.

For coaches and administrators to be considered, they must meet the following:
   Have served a tenure of at least five years in the athletic department
   Have departed from the department for a period of at least five years
   Have made an outstanding contribution to the Kansas State athletic program.

For honorary selection, candidates must meet the following:
   Have made a truly exceptional contribution and service to the athletic department.

For more information about the Kansas State Athletics Hall of Fame, please contact the K-State Sports Information Office at (785) 532-6735.

Kansas State Athletics State Hall of Fame Members
Mike Ahearn, coach and athletic director, 1904-46
Judy Akers, women's basketball coach, 1968-79
Teri Anderson-Jourdan, track and field, 1972-76
Elden Auker, baseball, football, basketball, 1929-32
Charles Bachman, football coach, 1920-27
Thane Baker, track and field, 1951-53
Ernie Barrett, men's basketball, 1948-51 and admin., 1969-present
Rolando Blackman, men's basketball, 1977-81
Bob Boozer, men's basketball, 1956-59
Fred Bramlage, honorary
Jim Colbert, men's golf, 1961-64
Henry Cronkite, football, 1929-31
Lynn Dickey, football, 1968-70
DeLoss Dodds, coach and athletic director, 1963-81
Steve Fritz, track and field, basketball, 1988-91
Albert "Monk" Edwards, football, basketball, baseball, 1925-28
Mike Evans, men's basketball, 1974-78
Jack Gardner, men's basketball coach, 1940-42, 1946-53
Priscilla Gary-Sweeney, women's basketball, 1982-83
Vince Gibson, football coach, 1967-74
Ralph Graham, football, 1931-33, football coach, 1948-50
Steve Grogan, football, 1972-74
Frank Groves, basketball, 1935-37
Elmer Hackney, football, track, wrestling, 1937-40
Kenny Harrison, men's track and field, 1984-88
Jack Hartman, men's basketball coach, 1970-86
Ward Haylett, football coach, 1942-44, track coach, 1928-63
Lynn Hickey, women's basketball coach 1979-84
Jerome Howe, men's cross country/track and field, 1969-72
Dick Knostman, men's basketball, 1951-53
Lon Kruger, men's basketball, 1972-74; men's basketball coach, 1986-90
Dan Lankas, football, 1964-67
George Maddox, football, 1932-34
Fred Merrill Sr., honorary
Porky Morgan, athletic trainer, 1951-80
Ed Nealy, Men's Basketball, 1979-82
Dev Nelson, sports information director, 1966-72, radio voice, 1954-79
Jack Parr, men's basketball, 1955-58
Deb Pihl, women's track and field, 1980, 1983-84
Mitch Richmond, men's basketball, 1986-88
Ivan Riley, men’s track and field, 1921-23
Harold Robinson, football, 1949-50
Clarence Scott, football, 1968-70
Howard Shannon, men's basketball, 1947-48
Howard Sherwood, honorary
Bob Snell, faculty athletic representative, 1975-99
Gary Spani, football, 1974-77
Oren Stoner, men's basketball, football, track and field, 1932-35
Jacque Struckhoff, women's track and field, 1984-88
Ken Swenson, track and field, 1968-70
Veryl Switzer, football, 1951-53
Bob and Betty Tointon, honorary
Jack and Donna Vanier, honorary
Ray Watson, track and field, 1919-21
Gwen Wentland-Mikinski, women's track and field, 1991-95
Chuckie Williams, men's basketball, 1973-76
Craig Wilson, baseball, 1989-92
Tex Winter, men's basketball coach, 1954-68