What They're Saying About John Currie

Rick Baker - President, AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic

“John Currie is the perfect hire for Kansas State. He is one of the dynamic young leaders in intercollegiate athletics today. Wildcat fans are going to enjoy his engaging personality, tremendous work ethic, and an impressive administrative background that he will bring to the Kansas State athletic program. We look forward to welcoming John into the Big 12 Conference.”

Joseph R. Castiglione - Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics, University of Oklahoma

“Even though it has been from a distance, I’ve had a unique opportunity to watch and get to know John Currie as he developed within this profession.  He always impressed me with his passion to learn.  He consistently sought opportunities which would ultimately help him to be highly successful in fulfilling the role he had at the time or to meticulously prepare for larger leadership roles in the future.  In fact, I have seen him exhibit many great leadership qualities.  He’s bright, articulate, innovative and will strengthen or build great relationships as the vision for K-State Athletics is established.  I look forward to working with him.”

Joan Cronan - Women’s Athletics Director University of Tennessee

“I’m so excited for John, but he will truly be missed.  He has been instrumental in our capital campaign to help us build some of the finest women’s athletics facilities in the country.”

Mike Hamilton - Men’s Athletics Director, University of Tennessee

“John has truly been an invaluable member of our team.  While he will definitely be missed at Tennessee, I am tremendously excited for John and for Kansas State because I know what a great job he’ll do there.  He has a tremendous work ethic and he’s incredibly organized. John will be a guy that will come in with a plan for Kansas State athletics that will be mindful of the history and traditions of the institution but be one that will continue to move the athletic department forward in new and exciting ways.”

Ron Wellman - Director of Athletics, Wake Forest University

“John is one of the rising stars in our profession. He has the background, the experience, the relationships, the attitude, the intelligence, the understanding of intercollegiate athletics to be an emerging star. Kansas State has made a great hire in John Currie.”

Bruce Pearl - Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Tennessee

“John Currie’s going to be a tremendous athletic director.  He’s been so important to our program. He’s been one of the guys that has helped us get to this point.  It’s definitely a great hire for Kansas State.”

Jan Simek - Acting President, University of Tennessee

"John Currie will be a valuable addition to the Kansas State family as he has been an important member of the University of Tennessee family. The quality of our athletic operations today is a tribute to his dedication. John has made an impact at UT by fostering a cooperative effort between the University and the athletic department, especially in donor relations. He will be greatly missed, and we wish him much success for the future.”

Dan Beebe - Commissioner, Big 12 Conference

“I congratulate John Currie on becoming the athletics director of Kansas State and I look forward to working with him in his role.”


Todd A. Diacon - Vice Provost for Academic Operations, SEC/NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative, University of Tennessee

“As a native of Wellington, Kansas, I am especially proud of John Currie and his appointment as AD at Kansas State University. John is one of the new breed of athletics directors, meaning his background is not coaching, but rather athletics administration and developmentwhich is necessary to succeed in today’s world of intercollegiate athletics. He learned from one of the best in the business, UTAD Mike Hamilton, and I know he will apply at Kansas State the considerable lessons he learned here.

I especially admire John’s commitment to the academic success of student-athletes. In my role as Faculty Athletics Representative John has always supported academic reform efforts, be it a mandatory class attendance policy with game suspensions for unexcused class absences, or a push to improve the academic profile of admitted student-athletes. Since his arrival at UT he has reached out to our faculty, and has worked tirelessly to improve relations between the athletic and academic sides of the university.

John reads voraciously in his favorite fields of history and politics. He is as comfortable speaking with professors as he is with coaches. He will be as effective a voice for the whole student experience at KSU as anyone. He is, in short, a gem of a hire, and I congratulate Kansas State University for their fine choice.”

Andrea Loughry - Past Vice Chairman, University of Tennessee Board of Trustees

“John is a polished individual who will be a great representative for the student-athletes at Kansas State.  He approaches everything with a “what can I do for you” attitude and has a very positive outlook on life. He is a balanced individual, a true professional and a dedicated family man who really seeks balance in his life.  He will really be missed at Tennessee.”

Molly Baird - University of Tennessee Soccer Student-Athlete

“He really cares about the student-athletes.  He wants us to be the best at everything we do in life and has really worked to help us become better people in the process.  Kansas State student-athletes will be lucky to have him.”

Dane Bradshaw - Former University of Tennessee Men’s Basketball Player

“As an athlete, I experienced some of the worst of times in athletics and some of the best of times.  Through all of that I learned it’s not just what you do as an athlete but the people that surround yourself with.  John Currie and the athletic department were able to do that for me with the hire of Bruce Pearl, which changed my life in a positive way that I will forever be indebted to Tennessee for.”