Muff's Musings

Editor's Note: The Kansas State volleyball team is in on a European tour to prepare for the 2010 season. After completing their stay in each of three cities, one Wildcat will share their experiences with you. This is the second installment of the journal entries with sophomore middle blocker Alex Muff on her experiences in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

LJUBLJANA, Slovenia - After an amazing time in Budapest, Hungary, we were sad to leave the city and take a five-hour bus ride to the capital of Slovenia. Many of us were nervous that Ljubljana wouldn't meet our expectations and we wouldn't enjoy it as much as we did Budapest. We were all mistakenly surprised. We woke up from a two-hour nap to a quaint little restaurant where we enjoyed an amazing view and great food.  When we arrived to Ljubljana we were welcomed by beautiful scenery and were excited to get to tour the city.  That evening we played OK Vital Sport Club and ended the night on a great win. After seeing parts of the city that night we were anxious to see more of Ljubljana in the morning. Our wonderful bus driver Sorin, who we have all grown to love, drove us to the outskirts of the city market area and our day began. One of my favorite parts of the city was the St. Nicholas Cathedral. We were lucky to get inside and enjoy the artwork and beauty of the church. We toured the city, had a surprise run-in with a Kansas State alum, and even took some pictures with a bride and groom that was getting married at the cathedral. We also got to try gelato which all of us are now hooked on and look forward to having more in Venice. In the evening we played the same team and were excited to end our trip in Slovenia with another win. After experiencing the city of Ljubljana many of my teammates, including myself, are set on making another trip back sometime in our lives. The city is so beautiful and filled with kind people. Being able to tour amazing countries and also play volleyball is an experience I will never forget.

Alex Muff
Sophomore Middle Blocker
Kansas State Volleyball

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