Quotes from Football Ticketing Press Conference

Athletics Director John Currie

Opening Statement

“I want to begin by thanking the entire Kansas State nation for their warm welcome to me over the past six weeks I have been on campus. I have been so impressed with the passion and spirit of our fans throughout the state and all over the country. I have been to 10 Catbacker events and Alumni functions. Lon Floyd and I drove out to Ness City Friday night and had 75 passionate fans there. I went up to Minneapolis last week and had over 100 passionate fans there. I think I have seen 3,000-4,000 people just in the events I have been at over the last six weeks. I’m not sure that the K-State family realizes how significant that is. We have around 35 events in the Catbacker tour and I guarantee there is only one or two other universities that are anywhere close to that kind of passion.


“Inside the department and university, I have been very pleased how we have rolled up out sleeves and got to work. It is clear that the work of our coaches never stopped and the work of our student-athletes have never stopped. I was over in the Vanier Complex this morning and there were student-athletes working hard on the weights and getting ready for runs. You can tell how excited those student-athletes are to play for Coach Snyder in the fall. Over the last six weeks, I have come to believe that we have as fine a group of head coaches as anybody in the country. The overall leader of that group of coaches and the university over the past 20 years has been Bill Snyder. For President (Kirk) Shultz and myself, there is no better scenario in all of human history to come into a new presidency and a new athletics directorship and have the greatest coach in the history of the institution as a “new coach” on your sideline. It couldn’t be a more comforting and reassuring thing for President Shultz and I. We have unbelievable confidence in Coach Snyder. I have been honored to have the time I have been to have with him.


“We are sitting a room right now that two weeks ago on a Saturday about 25 of our sports marketing and administrative staff sat around table from interns to senior associate athletic directors and myself and we talked about this stadium and how we can better serve our fans. As you know, one of the particular goals of K-State Pledge is to have the best fan experience in the Big 12. On September 5, after hearing from our staff and from our fans, we decided that we are having the K-State Family Reunion. Kansas State University really is the university of the people of Kansas. We are a land grant university with an extension in every county in the state. Part of the land grant mission is access and I have heard over and over from the fans that we need to have affordable opportunities for all K-State fans. Part of this K-State Family Reunion is to offer new ticket options for our fans.


“First, in honor of Coach Snyder’s return to the sidelines, we are rolling back to the clock, so to speak, to 1989 when a ticket cost $9. We are going to sell 1,989 tickets at $9 apiece. They will start being on sale tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. on the internet and by phone. Tuesday we will extend our office hours for people that read it in the morning paper to have a chance to get tickets – we will stay open until 7 p.m. tomorrow night.


“Secondly, as part of our K-State Pledge, we are offering a K-State Pledge season ticket. The ticket is a $99 season ticket and we will sale 1,200 tickets at a first come, first serve basis. These tickets really speak to our fans who feel that just by being here they are doing all they can do to support K-State football. Our pledge to our fans is, if they buy the K-State Pledge ticket and their ticket is used at five of the six home football games this year, they are going to be able to renew that same ticket for the 2010 football season at the same rate of $99.


“We know we have some trust to rebuild with our fans. We know that we have to take proactive steps in doing that and this ticket package is part of that step.


“We also want our community and the state to know that K-State is a university of inclusion and we are going to try and show with the help our existing fans. We have a bunch of campaign yard signs available at Bramlage that you can pick-up and put in their yard to show people that we are having a family reunion on September 5, 2009. Our family is open, it’s inclusive and we look forward to more joining the great family that already exists.”

Assistant Football Coach Michael Smith

On the new ticket package…

“John (Currie) and his staff are doing the right things. I know where he is coming from. I was one of those players that looked up at the stands back in 1989 and saw a lot of people sitting in the stands. Through the years, a lot of people have bought into what was being passed on through the athletic department and, through time people, found out that the product that was being put on the field was worth coming to watch. That is definitely where Coach Snyder and our staff are trying to get our kids to work that way so people will want to come back and watch.”


On the one constant with K-State…

“The people. We have good people here at K-State. That is one of the reasons I came back this time. I obviously have family here but when Coach Snyder called me and gave me the opportunity to come back, it was because of my love for Kansas State.”


Director of Recruiting Operations Joe Gordon

On the importance of getting the crowd back on a weekly basis…

“It is very critical. I think that anybody that understands Kansas State football understands that this program was built around the family atmosphere. Our fans send us electrifying energy. The coaches and players collectively need to get the job done. It is real vital to have our fans just like we needed them in 1989 to show back up and be apart of the experience.”


Associate Head Coach/Associate Athletic Director for Football Operations and Development Sean Snyder

On the fan base…

“When I first got here, there were 13,000 people that were true, loyal and in the stands regardless. I remember lining up and playing and, with the exception with the 50 yard line on either side of the field, there was no one else in the stadium. The fan base and the support of the people has been great. We talk about the people that have crossed state lines that go to the bowl games; no other school can do that. They take people but nobody can take the number that we do. We just have a lot of great fans. I think when dad (Coach Snyder) came back with all the fans, it was a feeling of ‘thank goodness he is back.’ Bottom line is, regardless as much as Kansas State needs him to be here right now, we need the support of the fans and the people. We can’t do it without them and that is the bottom line.”


On the reemergence of Coach Snyder…

“He has walked the line and done it. It is going to be tough. It gets tougher each year, but with support, there is no limit. Here at K-State, it has always been about family. It hasn’t been about marble floors and massive building and things like that. It has been about providing for the student-athletes and being able to support each other. Right now, we need fans support as much as we need to support the fans. Hopefully we can get these kids working hard and go out there and win some games and get it back to the way we used to be.”