Looking for a gift idea? MBB & WBB Player Posters now available

Limited Edition 2007-08 K-State basketball player posters are now available, just in time for the holidays. The complete series of 8 features MBB players Michael Beasley, David Hoskins, Clent Stewart, Bill Walker and Blake Young, plus WBB players Marlies Gipson, Shalee Lehning and Ashley Sweat. These oversized posters are suitable for framing, and are the perfect gifts for any K-State fan on your list. Order yours today!

Each poster is part of the 2007-08 K-State Basketball promotional poster series. Be sure to collect the entire set:

Men's Basketball Players:
-- Michael Beasley
-- David Hoskins
-- Clent Stewart
-- Bill Walker
-- Blake Young

Women's Basketball Players:
-- Marlies Gipson
-- Shalee Lehning
-- Ashley Sweat

Costs + S&H
+ S&H for one poster
$35 + S&H for all men
$20 + S&H for all women
+ S&H for all 8 (Best Value - a $30 savings!)