Possible Ticket Issues

A Note to Fans Who Have Purchased Tickets through the Puerto Rico Tip-Off (using TicketPop): 

On behalf of ESPN and the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, I would like to apologize for the issues your fans have encountered with purchasing tickets through TicketPop to this point.  While we are working diligently with the Puerto Rican government to resolve the issues - we have developed some immediate remedies that we hope will ease some of the frustration and will answer some questions that have arisen throughout the week.

1.  We have 3 tickets available for purchase:

--$99.00 ALL-Tournament ticket (provides access to all 12 games)

--$50.00 Booster/Alumni ticket (provides access to 3 sessions in which your team participates)

--$18.00 Session Ticket (provides access to 1 session)

2.  All orders will incur a 7% sales tax AND a $4.00 per ticket service fee.  If you are collecting orders from your fans - please be sure to include the appropriate fees and sales tax.

3.  We encourage schools to take orders for your boosters/alumni if possible.  Please feel free to send this form to any of your fans that have tried to purchase tickets through the TicketPop system and have not been able to do so.

We appreciate your assistance and patience with us as we strive to get this issue resolved. We will keep you apprised of when TicketPop is active and ready to go; however in the meantime - we will ensure that all fans needs are serviced and orders are processed as soon as possible.

Missy Betres
Manager, Special Events
ESPN Regional Television