Kansas State Head Coach Ron Prince Quotes

Opening statement...

"What we did accomplish tonight is that we were able to take our team out on the road in front of a big crowd, a national audience and face a really good running team and a good defensive team. Obviously, with the outcome we failed miserably. We had our moments at times where we showed that we could do some things in all three phases, but we couldn't put enough consistent plays together. I want to give credit to Louisville because they have terrific coaches, and players they had a great plan. I don't want to sit up here and lament what we did wrong without saying that they did an awesome job. The truth is we had the opportunity tonight to have some tackles for loss and have some consistent plays and it just didn't happen because their players did a terrific job."


"We need to do better, I need to coach better and I need to make our team understand how these teams need to be played. I'm not happy about it. The game plan was pretty clear coming in and we knew what we had to do. From the first drive it looked like we had some things going positive, then we go down and snap the ball over the quarterback's head. We obviously can't do that if you want to go on the road and win. With that said, we tried to coach very aggressively tonight, even faking a punt in our own end. We thought we had the look, thought it was there during the week. We had it earlier in the game, Jeff asked me earlier if he had the green light and I said absolutely. I want the players to understand that we're going to coach aggressively, try to coach smart, but we're not going to play and coach scared. I thought tonight we didn't play the kind of football that would reinforce that kind of approach and that's unfortunate. In one single play, we missed five or six tackles. So, it came back to bite us. They did a good job of running the ball in a variety of ways, multiple ways. Not just the traditional inside and outside zone and really break the defense down. We know we'll face a lot of those looks in the future. Offensively, I couldn't be more disappointed in our inability to protect the quarterback. I thought in the kicking game we were very average."