Colorado Player Quotes

DL/OL Eugene Goree
ON TRANSITION TO OFFENSIVE LINE-“It’s going good. It’s pretty much the same fundamentals. Set in and push in the front.  I am still learning how to read defenses.  I just play my position the best I can.”

ON TYLER HANSEN-“It was real smooth.  We put him in there and he made plays.  And it went well after that.  ”


DT George Hypolite
ON DEFENSE-“I think we played really well.  We gave up one big play.  It was a combination of a miscommunication and just getting put in a bad situation, and they hit us for a touchdown.  But outside of that, I think we played very well.”

ON JOSH FREEMAN-“He (causes) a lot of problems because he is a big guy and he has a really electric arm.  He is not necessarily elusive; he is just very hard to bring down.  So he makes a lot of plays, not necessarily with his feet, but he is able to stay in the pocket, take hits, bounce off, and still throw the ball pretty accurately.  He did a lot out there today.  He had a few big scrambles and he made a few big plays with his arms.  As long as you can still contain a guy like that and make tackles, you did a good job.”

ON GETTING STOPS-“We figured our offense gave us 14 points, they only had 13 and it was the fourth quarter, and we had to step up and make a big play.  If they can’t score, they can’t win.  As a defense collectively we did a great job of everyone trusting each other and doing their job.”

ON GOING INTO THE 4TH QUARTER-“I really don’t think we had to say anything.  We have gotten to the point as players where we know how it’s supposed to go.”

QB Tyler Hansen
ON SETTLING DOWN-“I knew I was going to play a little bit so I kind of prepared my mind for the game and just stayed calm and tried to do the best possible.  On the second series, it started to slow down and I was starting to make plays.  I was kind of stressing out after the fumble on the first play.  I thought I was not going to play the rest of the game.”

ON SORENESS-“My legs kind of hurt right now, but I will be alright.  Just going to go in the cold tub and take care of my body a little bit.”

ON GIVING UP REDSHIRT-“On Sunday, after the Kansas game, Coach Helfrich brought me in and asked me if I would be up for it.  He said I could really help the team out.   After that, I said absolutely.  I miss playing.  I miss being out there in the lights.  I want to compete.  It was a lot of fun.”

ON CATCHING KANSAS STATE OFF-GUARD-“They obviously weren’t expecting all that running, but they adjusted pretty well after that.  I heard a couple guys talking like who is this guy.’  They were trying to get into my head because they knew I am a freshman.”

ON SPLITTING SNAPS WITH CODY HAWKINS-“I like it, it’s fun.  It mixes it up a little bit.  You can see who is going in and who is going out. They have to put in new personnel.  It helps a lot.”


QB Cody Hawkins
ON QB SITUATION-“I don’t know, I was just so excited for him to get out there.  Tyler [Hansen] is one of my good friends.  You come to Colorado not necessarily for the individual success, but when you are putting on the line against such great teams, I want to win football games.  Going out and working hard and doing as much as I can for the program is my job.  That is how I am going to make my living every day, by working hard and trying to be a leader.  Whether that means I am on the field or not, I just have to help the team win any way I can.”

ON DAD’S PHILOSOPHY-“A lot of it has to do with the type of guys we are recruiting and the type of program we have.  No one really tries to stand out as an individual.  I think the biggest thing for us is that everyone in this program puts the program first in every way.  We all have a lot of respect for Tyler as a person.  You guys might be shocked at what he did tonight, but he does that every day at practice.  We knew Tyler would be given the opportunity to help our football team.  He laid it on the line for us.  I know it was a tough decision, but he did it.  He is a great player who is helping our team.  Everyone on our team owes him a big pat on the back.”

ON STRUGGLING PASSING ATTACK-“I think a lot of it has to do with situations.  The way the we have been running the ball it would kind of be foolish to throw it, because there is no point in putting it in the air when Rodney [Stewart] is making plays and our offensive line is performing as well as it can.  I think with the guys we have and the running back we can move the ball whenever we want.  And we can throw the ball when we need to.”

ON SPLITTING SNAPS WITH TYLER HANSEN-“I think Coach Helfrich does an awesome job of preparing us.  He makes sure all of us know the game plan well going into the game.  Regardless of who the guy is, you need to know every single aspect of the offense and the game plan.  Although you might not get all the reps in practice you have to know that stuff.  On Tyler Hansen’s first touchdown pass, he has never run that play; that was always one of my plays.  We got into a situation on the field that, Tyler did an awesome some of running a play he has never run before.  It’s a testament to how hard he is working and visualizing stuff.  He threw a dime of a touchdown pass.  We know he can go out there and do it on a constant basis.  He is not only a running quarterback he has the whole package.  It just turns out he can make a lot of plays with his feet.  The guy is going to have an awesome future.  I am always going to be a team guy.”