Kansas State Player Quotes

QB Josh Freeman
ON THE LAST PLAY- “If I had got out to the right, I might have been able to get it to the end zone for my receiver to make a play”

ON COLORADO“They were bringing pressure at key moments. They were rolling coverage and blitzing well. They played well. They’re not a bad football team. They have good players; I just think they’re struggling to find an identity.”

GENERAL- “We knew it would be a dogfight, we just couldn’t pull out a win. The game played out a lot like Coach Prince told us it would. We know who we are; we just wish we could get some plays back. We just have to come back and learn.”

DE Ian Campbell
GENERAL “A loss always hurts. We showed improvement on defense but also a lot of things we need to fix. Part of us getting better is getting used to each other and getting more confident with each other. We definitely had no quit at all.”

ON COLORADO QB TYLER HANSEN- “In this game, in this day and age, you need to be ready for anything. He was a decent runner and able to play the quarterback read game. He did a good job.”

RB Logan Dold
THE DEFENSIVE STRUGGLE“We knew it was going to be a tough game in tough environment.  Our defense played good, but Colorado’s defense played great.  They held us to 13 points, which is a lot lower than we are used to.”

ON THE OFFENSE“Our running game showed a little tonight.  Colorado just did a great job of stopping it.  What it came down to is that our offense wasn’t able to execute like we’re used to.”

ON HANGING TOUGH “We knew the whole game that we were right there with them.  We knew that a play or two could have changed the game.  We never gave up.”

ON HIS ROLE ON THE TEAM“We’re all here to win.  I’m just going to do my part.”

DB Joshua Moore
ON THE DEFENSE “The defense just has to perform a little better.  We only gave up 14 points but that wasn’t good enough.  I feel disappointed because we didn’t win.  If we had won, it might be a little different.  The defense can build off of this game.”

ON HIS INTERCEPTION“When I saw the post-corner, I just undercut the route.”

DB Tysyn Hartman
GENERAL“We wanted to string two wins together, and we didn’t.”

ON THE DEFENSE“The defense played good today but not great.  It was definitely an improvement [from previous weeks] but it wasn’t enough.”

ON TEAMMATE JOSHUA MOORE“Josh has had a great couple of games.  It’s good to have him give us a spark”

ON OKLAHOMA“I don’t know much about Oklahoma, except that it’s a Big 12 game and we need it.”

K Brooks Rossman
GENERAL“We try to make field goals at the beginning of the game so it doesn’t come down to having to make them at the end.”

WR Brandon Banks

GENERAL- “It was a hard-fought game. That was a good football team. Unfortunately we couldn’t make enough plays to win. I love to play in games like that but tonight wasn’t our night.”

ON WHO IS TO BLAME FOR THE LOSS- “Everyone had miscues out there tonight. We miscue as a team and we lost as a team.”

ON COLORADO’S DEFENSE“They had a good scheme as a defense and executed very well.”

LB Ulla Pomele
ON COLORADO QB TYLER HANSEN- “He was good, very athletic. You definitely have to be prepared for something like that. We were able to adjust and in the second-half did a lot better at being able to read our keys.”

LB John Houlik
GENERAL “It was a huge loss. We really wanted to come out here and get a win. We haven’t had consecutive road wins since 2003. We didn’t quit, we kept playing until the end. Every Big 12 game is tough so we need to look at film and get better.”